My e-cigarette brand was discontinued?! What can I do?

Have you ever had an e-cigarette brand you like just suddenly not be available anywhere? It’s like POOF. No more of your preferred product? And then what? You have batteries and parts all for this one brand and now the guy at the gas station or vape shop is telling you that the brand is no longer available and all those batteries, bits and piece you have bought are obsolete.

WHAT?!?! Are these crazy people really screwing with my nicotine?? Now, where can I get the fix I need?!?! I don’t want to light back up but what are y options?

Have no fear A Clean Cigarette is here… and our brand is here to stay.

Okay, I know what you are thinking…So what..I still have all this stuff I have already spent my hard earned cash on and why should I have to change brands?

Well on the why part, it can get complicated. Whether the reason your brand has disappeared is due to company closure or brand sale like in the case of the V2 and MarkTen Brands electronic cigarette, the situation still bites. But even if your brand is on the list, you are not out of luck.

Let me explain a great deal for you!

If you currently use another brand of e-cig or vapor product and for ANY reason you want or need to switch brands A Clean Cigarette will help you recoup some of what you have spent on other brands. Just bring your used products into any A Clean Cigarette location and we will trade you, product for product, up to the amount of one of our New customer Classic Bundle. (Retail $49.90)  Notice the capitalization on the new. This is a one time offer for the most part. After that, any trades will require store approval and a minimum of a $25.00 purchase. We are that certain you will love the A Clean Cigarette quality.

So ya, we have your back regardless of why you walk in our doors. That’s the reason we say that we are smokers helping smokers. Because that’s what we are. Just a bunch of smokers from all ages, backgrounds and demographics that have found a calling in getting all off Michigan burning tobacco-free.

Think about it…

Wouldn’t it be great…


Imagine Michigan Burning Tobacco Free By 2025!


*This image was grabbed from the back of our calendar. If you would like a full copy of it just stop by any store after Jan 1st, 2019. (While Supplies Last) We made one just for you, our fellow smokers.


Alright so now that you know we have you covered regardless of whether you are switching brands or switching off of burning tobacco.

Internet customers: If you need to do a trade in it is a little more difficult. We can not promise anything BUT its worth a try. Give our Help Hotline number a call during business hours and BEFORE your first order and see what they can do for you. Again, no guarantees here, in fact, it’s more likely not then yes. 🙁  Its a State by State and product by product thing. But if we can do it, we will. 🙂

Our only rules: You MUST be an adult and you MUST be a current nicotine addict. If you are a never smoker, never start. even on e-cigarettes! Nothing you inhale into your lungs is good for you. Add to that E-cigs and vapes have nicotine, nicotine IS an addictive substance. If you start eventually you Will get addicted.

Brands that are no longer available:

MarkTen ~ Altria (December, 18th 2018)

V2 ~ Purchased by Juul (November 2018)

GreenSmoke ~ Altria (November 2018)

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