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A Clean Cigarette, is an electronic cigarette store with a goal. Our goal is to upgrade every smoker’s nicotine delivery method. We could tell you all about our focus on customer service or about our excellent support system that we have in order to help people who want to walk down on nicotine levels. We could also tell you about our amazing research, and all the great things like clinical trials that we take part in to do our best to ensure the safety of our customers.  We could talk about the fact that we do not have open vials of liquid nicotine or any flavors that cannot be found in tobacco and cigar nicotine delivery systems. We just do not believe that long term smokers want to puff on cotton candy or other child like flavors. The thing is though, we here at A Clean Cigarette think customers want to hear from customers. So, instead of us talking, lets here from the real experts on our product: YOU!

   RICHARD – I am a 70 yr old man who wanted to quit tobacco smoking. After easy trade in of ”old e-cig’s to clean smoke. It took two days, I lost the desire for tobacco! I am now 2 1/2 months free from the addiction and my lungs are cleaner already. I would encourage anyone who wants to quit, try clean cigarette. It works !!            

DENISE- I was introduced to A Clean Cigarette in October of 2013 by my sister. I had a heart attack and also have COPD. Since I started A Clean Cigarette, my COPD is pretty much under control. My doctor is happy with my breathing! I no longer crave the tobacco! I love my Clean Cigarette!

ROCKY- I use to roll my own tobacco and quit smoking it. Now I smoke the electronic cigarette. The nicest thing is there are a lot of locations at A Clean Cigarette. Also, the staff were all formerly tobacco smokers too. These people can relate to us who are struggling to quit.

CATHY- I had been a smoker for almost all of my life. I suffered with serve lung problems for the past few years. I was hospitalized with horrible illness pertaining to my lungs. At this point I learned it’s time to quit. So I went to try the electronic cigarette. Thanks to electronic cigarettes I’ve been smoke free for 1 1/2 years now!!

Theresa – “It’s been over two years since my husband was hospitalized. During the week he was in there we decided to quit smoking cigarettes and make the switch to an e-cig. Still the nicotine but there is no tar and tobacco in our lives. Since the day we started the e-cig we haven’t touched the tar and tobacco things again!”


If you would like to hear more from our amazing customers or place an order just visit us at acleancigarette.com

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  1. For your list, which is very useful! Received this from Republic of Dominica today. Thank you for contacting the Punta Cana International Airport.

    It is our pleasure to hear that you have chosen Punta Cana as your destination. According to CESAC (Dominican Republic’s airport security), passengers are able to enter and leave the Dominican Republic with electronic cigarettes or vapes. This item is only allowed in your carry-on bag and not permitted to be in your checked in luggage. You can find a list of allowed and prohibited items on our airport webpage: puntacanainternationalairport.com and the option will be Cesac Guidelines.

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