Thank you for being patient! Updated Store List

Hey guys thank you so much for sticking with us and being so patient. I am going to keep this short and dirctly to the point.

The 411:

As most of you know we have had some Major changes recently. These are changes we did not want to do. However, with the attacks from not only Federal level but also the State level they are necessary.

Below I will be listing the changes that have already happened as well as the changes we will be doing over the next month ish. Most of these are subject to change based on what happens in the State and Federal governments.

What changes have happened?

We had to make unfortunate changes, these changes come in the form of closed stores, layed off employees and shorter open hours.

NONE of these changes were what we wanted. However, we are hoping that after the dust has cleared we can go back to growing. Until then, we are sorry 😥

The Closings:

• PPK CLOSED: The store that was located in the Pay per Klip on State rd. In Saginaw has closed.

• LAPEER CLOSED: The store located next to the $5 hair cut on Main St. In Lapeer has closed.

• BURTON CLOSED: The store located just ououtside of the Coutland Mall in Burton has closed.

• ELMWOOD CLOSED: The store located across the street from Meijers on Elwood Rd. in Lansing has closed.

• FREELAND CLOSED: The store located inside Pat’s Grocery in Freeland has closed.

• BAY CITY CLOSING: The store located on M84 will be closing on November 1st.

• MUSKEGON CLOSING: The store located on Apple Ave. in Muskegon is closing on or around November 15th. SAVED!!!!!!!!! The Muskegon store will NOT be closing!!!!!

Stores with new store hours:

• ALMA: New hours = 10 – 6 PM Mon-Sat.

• MT. PLEASANT: New hours =9 – 7 PM Mon.-Sat. 12 – 5PM Sunday.

• BAY Rd: ( Saginaw) Now closing at 8pm instead of 9 PM.

• ANN ARBOR: New hours = 9 – 6 pm Mon-Sat.

BAY CITY: New hours = 10 – 8 Mon -Sat. 12-5 PM Sunday.

ESSEXVILLE: New hours = 9 – 7 Mon-Sat. <May be closing.>

MIDLAND and N. MICHIGAN RD. (Saginaw): New hours = 9-8PM Mon -Sat. 12-5PM Sunday.

CHARLOTTE: New hours = 8pm – 7pm Mon – Sat.

More to come:

Stay tuned for more changes. Everything is up in the air until we know for sure what’s happening.

Thanks for holding strong guys. We are NOT done fighting!



7 thoughts on “Thank you for being patient! Updated Store List”

  1. It is very sad that some of our stores are closing and some of our co workers are being let go.We absolutely love and cherish each and every one of our customers AND the people we work with. (We were all customers before we became employees.)
    Yes the stores are changing hours and closing some locations , but we will still strive to give you the best experience and genuine care and concern in helping you along your journey to become burning tobacco free!
    To all of the people, we at the Elmwood Store have been so honored to serve, I am so sorry for the inconvenience that this is causing. Please understand that this was a business decision and it breaks our hearts to close locations that have meant so much to us and the people we serve.
    Please don’t give up! Keep fighting for your rights and don’t give up on yourselves!
    Our Larch Street and Charlotte Stores are still here for you! So come on in , share a story, some laughter or some tears, have a cup of coffee and A Clean Cigarette with me at Our Charlotte location.
    It has been and will continue to be an honor to help each and every person who walks through our doors! ~ Tina

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