Nearly 100 vaping related lung infections.

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Hello and welcome to the A Clean Cigarette blog. This is Dawn again and today we are going to talk about a topic that is all over the recent headlines. If you have been watching the news at all then you probably already know what I am referring to. I mean it’s hard to miss nearly a hundred cases of vaping related lung infections, isn’t it?

So What’s going on?

According to the CDC 94 possible cases of vaping related lung infection in 14 states from June 28 – August 15. The states that have been affected the hardest are:

  • Wisconsin with 15 confirmed cases and as many as 15 more cases that are under investigation.
  • Illinois with 10 Confirmed cases and as many as 12 cases still under investigation.
  • California with 19 cases being investigated.
  • New York with 11 cases under investigation.
  • Indiana with 6 confirmed and 5 more under investigation.
  • New Jersey with 9 confirmed cases.

While investigators are unsure what is causing these apparently vaping related lung infections what they do know is that it is primarily affecting younger people.

What is a vaping related lung infection and what does it look like?

According to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services people have been experiencing symptoms such as chest pain, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, and weight loss. The WDH even released an outbreak investigation notice to help people spot these symptoms early.

Medical experts from around the country stress the fact that getting treatment for ANY lung infection early is super important. So whether you vape anything or not, if you feel these symptoms, go in get checked out ASAP.

But what’s causing it?

There are a ton of theories out there about what is causing these vaping related infections. What we DO know is that in many if not all the cases the fluids vaped were NOT typical e-liquid.

In fact, from what I can tell reading around at least half a dozen of these cases are confirmed to have been THC OIL containing cartridges that the youth filled themselves. Furthermore, I can not find a single confirmed case that reports basic nicotine-containing cartridges.

Let’s break it down:

Nearly 10 years of Vaping and NO cases of this reported.

Now around 100 cases reported in less than two months.

Confirmed cases that lead to the theory that it’s not basic e-liquid being vaped.

Confirmed contaminants added to some of the liquids vary from THC to counterfeit THC such as spice and in some cases even Meth.

Most if not all of the infected appear to be adolescents or young adults.

A case study involving one of these vaping related infections:

NPR reported that in one Wisconsin case, “a 26-year-old man with asthma ended up in an intensive care unit in July with difficulty breathing after vaping THC oil he bought on the street. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the primary psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. His blood-oxygen levels dropped to just 10% and he was placed in a medically induced coma.”

Vaping Related lung infections? Bad headline?

So basically yes there is an issue but I am not sure its a “vaping” issue. At least not in the “traditional” vaping world. I truly wish that instead of headlines like this “Vaping related lung infections being investigated by the CDC” to something like “People vaping illegal drugs gives vaping a bad name”

Let’s just tell the whole truth instead of the parts of the news that get clicks.

In the meantime, I will keep my ear to the ground and let you guys know if there are any new developments.

Thank you,

Seriously, thank you for stopping in. Thank you for taking the time to be informed and thank you for being you. You are the only person who can do it as well as you do. If you have questions for me about this or any other electronic cigarette/vaping issue reach out to me at Also if you or someone you know would like more information from a reliable quality e-cigarette visit for all of your e-cigarette needs.

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5 thoughts on “Nearly 100 vaping related lung infections.”

  1. From what I have read, they are ” trying to determine which products were used and what was vaped”, they were not linked to a specific product , could have been ” stuff on the streets ” and possible counterfeit or adulterated products”.Just seems hard to imagine that the people vaping just didn’t know what they were using. Sounds like more propaganda to discredit the whole industry. Nothing was specifically said about nicotine cartridges. Thanks for keeping us updated.~T

  2. Dawn I am thankful that you keep us informed so we are able to keep Our Customers informed,I feel this is a very important (extra important) blog to share with Our Customers, I can say that many Customers are so fed up with all the misleading information being reported that they are doing more research before playing into the scare tactics~Kathi

  3. Thank you for putting in the work to keep us informed and help sort through this madness. It’s a shame that all ENDS products are being loosely associated with stories like this. The fact that they confirmed THC and illicit substances were being used in these cases, yet still decided to use “linked to vaping” in the headlines, just screams propaganda. These are serious cases, and the public should be informed for the safety of our people. However, the unfair headlines and clickbait articles reveal another agenda. The truth reveals itself in the end, because there will always be people like yourself who fight for it. Thank you for all you do Dawn!

  4. Wow, It’s crazy the media’s portrayal of vaping in general.They should really get their facts straight. Thank you Dawn for enlightening us on the facts about vaping related Lung Infections.

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