Do electronic cigarettes cause seizures?

Hey guys, welcome to the A Clean Cigarette blog. This is Dawn here your ever loyal ACC blogger hoping to bring you the information that you deserve. In order to do that I pay close attention to headlines that have anything to do with e-cigarettes, vapors, the FDA, of burning tobacco. By far the most disturbing headlines that I have seen lately are the ones asking if electronic cigarettes cause seizures.

I had to learn more…

The Headlines:

How Bad Are E-Cigarettes? FDA Investigates If They’re Causing Seizures



FDA is investigating nearly three dozen reports of seizures after vaping



FDA: Some E-cigarette Users Report Having Seizures

And a Ton more can be found on Google.



So do electronic cigarettes cause seizures?


While the FDA is not making an official decision until after they investigate, we think it is very possible.




Did this lady who is employed by an e-cigarette company just say electronic cigarettes cause seizures? Well, yes and no.

Let me explain.

If you read these articles or the FDA’s press release then it’s pretty obvious to see what they think the issue is. The theory is that it’s not e-cigarettes, in general, it’s a single ingredient in e-cigarettes. An ingredient that we in the e-cigarette industry have known all along is not harmless and in fact, is known to be fatal when ingested. Even in small amounts.

That ingredient, of course, is the highly addictive chemical, Nicotine.

While there is not enough evidence to decide what is causing the issue. Yet. There is a fairly easy to follow line between nicotine and the 35 cases that were reported to the FDA.

  1. The majority of the cases were reported within the last two years.
  2. Nicotine is a known cause of seizures. (US National Library of Medicine Study)
  3. Other than nicotine no other ingrediants in electronic cigarettes cause seizures. Or at least none are reported to.
  4. The younger a user is the more likely that high levels of nicotine will cause over activity in the brain, leading to seizures.
  5. Nicotine salt containing products that allow huge amounts of nicotine to be delivered to the user have only been around about 2 years.
  6. The industry high for nicotine dose was about 3.6 until about two years ago when Juul and brands like them introduced pods with 5.0 dose.
  7. The 5.0 nicotine is nearly double the nicotine content that we at A Clean Cigarette would match a full flavor cigarette habit too. At full flavor a dose of 2.4 is appropriate and for a Non-Filter smoker, a dose of 3.6 is appropriate.

Important note

Now I can not prove what we are saying here, this is me just laying out the facts as I can see them. If you would like to read all of my sources just visit the links above. It seems at least a little logical to us that if nicotine is known to cause seizures in high amounts they could be related.

Let’s face it, nothing else has changed with e-cigarettes or vapor products in the last few years, other than the amount of nicotine some brands are delivering. Oh and the number of seizures reported. Just those two things. But again, this is not us claiming this IS the reason just that it seems like a good possibility.

Now we wait.

One thing is for sure. Based on the FDA’s recent public announcement which you can find Here, they are going to investigate this and find answers. We welcome that. In the meantime, we will be keeping our ears open and reporting new information to you as it becomes available.

Finding out if its the high levels of nicotine or if it’s that electronic cigarettes are causing seizures is important to us all.

Until we have the answer be aware of your nicotine intake. In our experience most full flavor, long term smokers do not need more than a 2.4 nicotine dose.  Tell your doctor or health care provider if you are feeling dizzy or nauseous.

Thank you

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5 thoughts on “Do electronic cigarettes cause seizures?”

  1. Wow this is very interesting Dawn, will be watching for updates.I cannot imagine puffing on 5.0mg of nicotine.

  2. I could not even fathom using any electronic that contains 5.0 nicotine. Too much nicotine is never good. ~T

    1. Wow! I can’t imagine doing 5.0 nicotine level. That is just asking for trouble. JUUL and others do not have the personal customer contact that we do. I am adamant about counseling my customers on spacing out their puffs and not doing a nicotine level higher than they need. I hope the FDA plays fair with this issue; calls out who needs to be and doesn’t lump the whole e-cig/vape industry together. I will be anxiously waiting the results on this. Thank you Dawn for always staying up on every issue, hunting for the facts and delivering them forth right.

    1. Hello there, great question! You sound like a great friend. 🙂

      Unfortunately, we can not point you to something the FDA calls better yet. They are reviewing the evidence and should release finding sometime after the premarket tobacco application process.

      The fact is nothing you inhale into your lungs is good for you besides clean air. E-cigs contain nicotine, regardless of the delivery method it is an addictive substance.

      What I can do is suggest the best quality cig-a-like on the market. Our products are not lit on fire and can not produce the tar a burning tobacco cigarette does.

      For you I suggest nothing. As a non-smoker you are already ahead of the game. Stay that way. For your friend who smokes visit There is a phone number there that will connect them with a live help representative that will help your friend get the perfect fit for their specific smoking needs.

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