It’s the E-Cigarette Fact or Fiction Game

Hey, all Dawn here. As the A Clean Cigarette blogger, I see a lot of things in my search around the internet. Some of the information is factual and full of great insight into the electronic cigarette industry. Some not so much. In fact, some are so laced with fiction and bull crap they are hardly “news” and more a kin to a gossip magazine, but which are which?

With all of this information out there can you tell if the headline you are reading is based on fact or fiction? Most of us can’t, but today we are going to play a little game called Fiction Truth or Misleading.

Fact or Fiction Gameplay

The game is simple. I will post headlines you try to guess whether that headline is based on facts or not. So it should be simple anyway. I mean these are headlines we should be able to believe that ALL of them are based on facts right? Let’s see.

“Violent brother battered his twin after row over e-cig”

Why whenever there is an e-cigarette anywhere near a story it ends up in the headline? Even when it’s not at all relevant to what really happened.

Okay, so the story is this guy (Twin A) beats his brother (Twin B) on a semi-regular basis.  And according to Twin B, Twin A is always getting drunk and beating him up. Smashing his face and kicking him, you know, that kind of stuff. Twin B then went on to say that ““We used to have a good relationship, but now he drinks a lot and things like this happen.” Making the E-cigarette the headline and not about the Alchohol that keeps making his drunk twin violent earns this a Misleading / Fiction ranking. (Source: Wigan )

“Study Found Vaping Beat Traditional Smoking-Cessation Options”


This is in fact True. A recent study published in the New England Medical Journal found 900 participants who wanted to quit smoking. They then gave some of the participants FDA approved cessation tools and some of them electronic cigarette devices. According to their findings in this study, e-cigarettes were more than twice as likely to help a smoker quit smoking than cessation products. (Source: NPR.)

“Secondhand E-Cig Vapors May Cause Asthma Exacerbations”


Want to know a HUGE pet peeve of mine? An article without a source for facts. Now to be fair they DID put a link to their source. It just does NOT lead where it claims it does, see for yourself:

“The study, Secondhand Exposure to Aerosols from Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems and Asthma Exacerbations Among Youth with Asthma,” was published in the January issue of Chest Journal.”

So I went and found the study myself, and is it good science? No, Not even a little. These guys took a group of Jr. High and high school kids and asked if they had asthma and if they thought second-hand vapor was triggering asthma exacerbations. They even had this to say:

“There is evidence that e-cigarettes are less harmful than smoking conventional cigarettes. However, people with asthma tell us that any sort of smoke or substance in the air can trigger their asthma symptoms, including the vapors or smells from e-cigarettes.”

Basically, if you have asthma breathing can trigger an exacerbation. So then why the headlines? just to spread bad science? Rating FALSE (Source: MD Magazine ) (Actual working link to the study this headline is talking about: HERE )



How twisted can words get? Well, how about when the director of the FDA reports a huge increase in youth vaping and then someone asked about helping those kids get off of nicotine and the reply is that there are no currently approved cessation products for kids under 18 and that research would have to be done before that would even be a path.

So how the hell does that equate to that headline? And is it fact or fiction? With the amount of twist on this, we give it a big fat fiction rating. (Source: News Channel 2. )

“Vaping in wedding photos is new viral trend, according to Twitter”


Alright so I know some of you may WANT this to be fiction but the fact is, this is a truth. Apparently, there are more than a few people celebrating their special day with tank type vape devices spreading fog. There are pics all over the internet of heart-shaped vapor clouds. All we can say is, to each their, own and we hope these happy couples many years of joy. (Source: Fox News Network)

“Nearly HALF of smokers don’t know vaping is less harmful than smoking”

The unfortunate truth is this is a very true headline. Most smokers do not realize that science has shown that while e-cigarettes are not harmless, they are considered to be less harmful than burning tobacco by MOST experts. Interested in seeing some of that research? Check out these links:   Link1     Link2      Link3     Link4      Link5     Link6

The BEST part of this article is the video, it’s definitely worth the 2-minute watch! (Source: The Sun )


“E-cigs ARE dangerous: Vaping raises risks of stroke, heart disease and attacks by up to 70%, study finds”

When I first saw this headline I was like WTH?!?!?! I need to see this study. And then I did, and now I am sad that anyone reported this like this. I first reported on the study mentioned above a while back HERE on the blog. At that time we dissected the science and found that all the participants in this study were asked if they had vaped and asked if they had experienced a heart attack. What they did NOT ask was which order those two things were in. Did they have a heart attack and then decide to switch or did they switch and then have a heart attack? It makes a difference.

Many of the customers here at A Clean Cigarette have had heart attacks as smokers and that’s exactly what made them want to switch in the first place. Due to the straight out bad science, this headline is linked to we are giving it a fiction/misleading ranking. (Source: “Daily Mail )

 To wrap it up…

It wasn’t always easy to tell which headlines were true and which were not telling it like it is. We should not have to play a fact or fiction guessing game every time we see a headline. We SHOULD be able to count on the news reporting REAL news. But hard facts do not always make for a good headline or good ratings. Just be sure when you are looking at post and news articles out on the web that you can tell if they are fact of fiction.

Thank you for visiting today and I hope you enjoyed our little game. If you or a loved one would like more information on A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes please visit our main web page at www.ACleanCigarette.Com. If you have any questions that you would like to ask me directly please reach out to me on our FB page. Questions and feedback appreciated.



4 thoughts on “It’s the E-Cigarette Fact or Fiction Game”

  1. This is pretty sad Dawn but the last place I go for facts is the news. Thank you for the research and breaking this down for us.

  2. Sad but true how the media is allowed to twist, edit and lie. Thank you Dawn for always staying up on it, researching like a beast and and reporting the real facts. Hmmm…. I wonder what the Space Aliens think about the e-cig.? I hear their headquarters are located on the Big Bird of the Naztec Lines! Maybe we should send them a sample!

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