Are Doctors The Real Superheros Of The E-Cig Industry? (and Nurses!)

A Clean Cigarette Brand Logo_Blue_Green_SilverHello again, Dawn here. Your ever ready A Clean Cigarette blogger. Have you ever had a small child pose a question to you that made you go Hmm? I mean a question so simple and innocent only a little one can come up with it, and yet it makes you think deeply? Today we are going to talk about Nurses and Doctors, the real superheroes of the e-cigarette industry, but first, let me tell you how I got to that thought.

The Short Story

As a general rule, I don’t talk about anything to do with children on this blog for obvious reasons. (Kids and electronic cigarettes do NOT go together) Today I am going to make a slight exception.

The child is my 4-year-old son Ian. Like most little boys his age, he has a big heart and LOTS of questions. And I do mean LOTS of questions. Well, today while I was sitting at my computer staring off into space and thinking about what topic would be best for the blog, I felt a tug on my arm.

Now, Ian knows that while I am working on my computer he shouldn’t bother me unless it’s very important. Since as a rule, he is pretty good at that, I always stop to listen when he does interrupt me.

With big wide eyes and a wrinkle of concern on his tiny forehead and in his voice, he asked. “Mommy, Why are there no real-life superheroes?” as he held up a Spiderman action figure.

I could tell this was very important….to him.

Immediately I started to answer this adorable question with the answers anyone with kids might expect. “Well, sweety there ARE real life superheroes. They are all around us. Ya know like nurses, cops, firemen, and doctors the real superheroes!” Then I told him that some real-life superheroes even have superhero powers. Like how firemen put out fires with huge water “cannons” and how soldiers fight and battle hard to keep us safe and free.

Well, that was good enough for Ian and without missing a beat he was back to watching tv and playing contently with Spiderman. Me on the other hand…I went right back to staring off into space thinking about the blog.  Ian’s question now swirled into the mix.

Doctors the real superheroes (and Nurses!)

As some of you may know, part of my job here at A Clean Cigarette is to reach out to people in the medical industry in an effort to provide them with valuable information about electronic cigarettes.  This means that I have had an opportunity to talk to and interact with many Doctors and Nurses. Some of which have stood strong against false propaganda. They decided instead to seek out real truths and base their opinions on those truths. Considering the powers that are working against this industry like big pharma and big tobacco standing strong when working in the medical world takes courage.

So as I sat there thinking more and more about the “real” superheroes it occurred to me that when it comes to the e-cigarette industry, these guys fit the bill perfectly.

It has a good ring to it too: Doctors the real superheroes! (And Nurses!)

The real world.

So that facts are that the electronic cigarette and vapor industries are fairly new. Now we are not as new as we once were and we are proud to say that more and longer-term evidence is coming out. Most of it good but not all of it. Which was to be expected.

None of that really matters though if the evidence does not get seen by people who can make a difference. I am not talking about politicians and regulators in Washington DC.  I mean it’s good for them to see too, but they are not the folks with boots on the ground.

No, the real superheroes are the Doctors and Nurses, who can take that research and make educated desitions about what is best for their smoking patients. The ones that won’t let pressure from the “powers that be” sway them from the evidence available and the ones who listen to the success stories of their patients who have used e-cigarettes. They then take those testimonies into consideration when talking to other smoking patients who either could not or would not quit smoking on FDA approved cessation products.

The real war

The real war in all of this is against burning tobacco. The true soldiers are the Doctors and Nurses on the front lines. Not only standing between burning tobacco and their patients but also standing strong against false information, bad science, and propaganda.

We understand how hard it must be to even want to look at this industry as an option after the bull crap that big tobacco has pulled over the years. Making claims they KNEW were lies. At best, being purposely blind to the truth. Using Doctors as unwitting pawns to spread their death, until the truth they spent billions to hide came out. Now big tobacco is left counting their huge pile of blood money and doctors and nurses are left caring for the injured and dead.

It’s these guys who have to look loved ones in the eyes and break the news. Whether that news is COPD, emphysema, lung cancer or any one of the other hundreds of things burning tobacco causes, it’s always heartbreaking. These guys know the damage and we understand why it took a while for doctors to get on board.

You know who you are

To the Doctors and Nurses that are standing up and taking care of your smoking patients, thank you.  We see you and appreciate you. We understand your hesitation and respect it. Thank you for looking at the evidence and we understand why you want even more. Big tobacco took advantage of your industry and your not wrong for not wanting that to happen again. Please just keep an open heart and keep looking at the evidence as it becomes available.  There may be as many as 6.6 million lives that count on it.

Thank you: Doctors the real superheroes! (And Nurses!)

So there you have it, a simple innocent question, a great way to view the world. Thank’s Ian for the blog idea!. 😉

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4 thoughts on “Are Doctors The Real Superheros Of The E-Cig Industry? (and Nurses!)”

  1. It is a wonderful feeling when you ask a new Customer how they heard about and they respond their Doctor sent them to us.I am proud to be able to pass out Our Doctor packets.Yes Ian there are Super heros. Thanks for the great article Dawn.

  2. There are lots of Doctors and nurses that went against the “powers that be” , did their research and they themselves came to A Clean Cigarette. Heck, one of them was a Heart specialist!

    1. Yes they are our ‘boots to the ground’ Superheroes! Doctors take research and applied results seriously.
      It’s exciting when a Nurse comes in to get info to take back to their facility or a customer to take back
      to their Doctor – often at the Doctor’s request. It’s wonderful when a Doctor sends their patient to
      A Clean Cigarette. One, it’s an opportunity for us to help them make the switch off burning tobacco
      and change their life for the better. Two, it’s a reaffirmation of our product and our dedication
      to our mission here at A Clean Cigarette. Great article Dawn!

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