Tired of smoking outside yet?

Hello all, Dawn here again on this wintery blizzardy day. I am not sure what the weather is like where you are. Here we are buried and are under a winter weather advisory for a blizzard.

Now from in here at my computer that is no big deal. I am warm and comfy and regardless of how deep the white stuff gets I am cozy. Thank goodness I no longer have to brave the weather and smoke outside.

The weather here in Michigan today for folks smoking outside:

Here are a few pics and a video to give you an idea of what Michigan smokers are dealing with right now.

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The video is provided by Eddie Bouchard/ Muskegon Michigan ( Michigan Weather)

Looks pretty rough outside doesn’t it?!? Now could you imagine having to bundle up and go out there to “enjoy” a cigarette? In all that blowing snow and cold?  Really? Me either. Smoking outside in that looks like a miserable experience.

To be fair:

As a smoker, I never minded smoking outside when the weather was nice. In fact even now that I use A Clean Cigarette in the summer I find myself sitting outside with friends and loved ones who smoke, but only when the weather is nice. See I can still do that, I mean I can still join the smokers outside, when I want to. NOT when my cigarette habit tells me to.


There is something that is very important to know about me, and I am sure this will apply to other smokers too. I HATE being told what to do. I am a rebel even when it’s a bad idea. For better or worse, I have been my whole life.

Take smoking for instance. I’m not old enough to say that I “did not know” how bad smoking was when I started. I knew darn well that cigarettes were killing folks Wasn’t that bad enough? I was also told I could not smoke. So I did, and I kept doing it, for nearly 25 years.

Obviously, at some point, I became addicted. You can imagine that as a rebel I did not like the control that cigarettes had on me. I HATED that when it was cold outside no matter the time, if I needed a smoke, I would get one. Even if it meant standing in knee-high snowdrifts and in negative temperatures to do it.

Broken Promises/New Beginnings

The problem was no matter how hard I tried I could not “quit”. I even made promises to my children that I would quit smoking multiple times, and failed. It’s not like I could quit, go through a couple days, or even months of hades and then be done. No, I had met smokers who quit 40 years ago and STILL craved a cigarette. I don’t wanna live another 40 years craving something I can not have. so as much as I hated being a slave to burning tobacco, it felt like there was nothing that I could do.

Enter A Clean Cigarette and making the switch. Finally, I have control over my addiction. I decide where and when and in what weather I smoke. No longer do I have to be smoking outside when the winter weather is blowing. Which in Michigan is more often than not.

You can have it too. You can have control of your nicotine habit. Noticed I did not say you had to quit to do it.

Still addicted to nicotine

I have not been able to beat my addiction. I am still a nicotine user. That being said I am No longer getting my nicotine from a source that is so disgusting and bad for not only us, but the people around us, that we have to use it outdoors to keep our families safe. Now I can take a few puffs off of my A Clean Cigarette, get the nicotine that I need, stay indoors and not harm my family with a toxic cloud of tar filled smoke. I now have a ton more freedom, and for rebels like me, that means a lot.

If you are a smoker who has to face the winter weather to smoke outside, stop on into A Clean Cigarette. Let us find you the option you deserve. A Nicotine delivery system that puts YOU in control. Just visit www.acleancigarette.com for more information.

Thank you for stopping in today! Have a great one and be safe out there. Whether you are smoking outside or not!



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  1. Thanks to A Clean Cigarette, I don’t have to ever go outside to smoke.Just wish I had switched a lot earlier.– Don’t stand in the cold! Go Check out A Clean Cigarette today and see for yourself!

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