Electronic Cigarette Facts: Is switching right for you?

Hello! This is Dawn here again your A Clean Cigarette Blogger. I know that as I look around the world and the internet to find content for this blog that there is a lot of information out there regarding e-cigarettes and vapor products. Some right, Some wrong and some just straight out ignorant. Today we are going to sort through the mess and find the real electronic cigarette facts so you can decide if switching is right for you.

What are electronic cigarettes?

Well, there are many types of electronic cigarette and vapor products. They can range from complicated MOD units that require the user to be aware of how the components work together and have the greatest risk of injury to the user via explosion, all the way to simple cig-a-like products.

In our case, A Clean Cigarette has chosen to stay simple but powerful with our high-quality cig-a-like design and bold tobacco tastes.

Electronic cigarette facts: What is a Cig-a-Like? 

A Cig-a-Like is an electronic cigarette specifically designed to mimic the rituals of traditional burning tobacco. Rituals such as hand to mouth, throat hit and a small puff of “smoke”. I can not talk for all other brands but here at A Clean Cigarette, our product comes in two parts.


Electronic Cigarette Facts: TheCartridge

The first section of our e-cigarette is the cartridge. They are pre-loaded with fluid. The fluid comes in nicotine levels that compare with most levels of traditional burning tobacco: non-filter, full flavor, lights, and ultralights. They are also available in a 0 nicotine level for those who just need the other rituals of smoking without nicotine. The cartridges are disposable. If you bring them into one of our stores we will recycle them for you and pay you .5 cents each. Each cartridge is equivalent to between a pack and a pack and a half of cigarette puffs. Depending on how it is stored and how it is hit.

We pride ourselves on having answers so if you are an A Clean Cigarette customer who needs help making them last longer just let us know in our stores. We can and will help in any way possible. For internet users if you have questions about storage or how to use your A Clean Cigarette click HERE or give our helpline a call during business hours.


Electronic Cigarette facts: The Battery

The second section is the Ion Lithium battery. It is available in a few different styles. The style pictured here is our most popular. We do however offer both smaller and larger versions. When combined with the cartridge it will have a similar look and feel to a burning tobacco cigarette. The batteries are rechargeable using any of our available chargers.

Available Chargers:  USB Cord, USB w/Wall adapter or V2 pocket Charger.


Finding the facts about what is in your product

Alright so now that we know what A Clean Cigarette e-cigarettes we need to know what’s IN an A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarette.

Right off the bat let’s start with our lab analysis. This amazing tool is a complete break down of our product and is available 24/7 to you HERE. We encourage you to bring the lab analysis to your Doctor or Pharmacist.  However, if you’re not interested in looking at a confusing and complicated lab analysis and would just like the quick answer to what’s in our products visit HERE.

*If you are currently either using or considering using another brand of electronic cigarette make sure they can tell you what is in their products. If they can’t, think about switching brands.

Is switching right for you?

That is a great question. In order for me to answer it I need you to answer these quick questions so we can let’s get to the electronic cigarette facts …

     1. Do you have an allergy to Propylene Glycol? (Can be found in most soft snack foods, most shampoo and some medicines.)

        If Yes STOP: E-cigarettes contain Propylene Glycol. About 2% Of the world has an allergy to PG. If you know you have a PG allergy or sensitivity then switching is not for you. (But you still really need to get off burning tobacco! That stuffs deadly!)

       If No… Go on to the next question.

     2. Are you old enough to by burning tobacco where you live? (+18 or +21 depending on the state.)

        If No STOP: If you are a minor you should avoid ALL electronic cigarettes, vapors and burning tobacco cigarettes. If the health issue does not scare you the amount of cash us smokers spend on nicotine in a lifetime certainly should. (Think New Lamborghini with lots of cash left to spare!) Want the cold hard math on that? Check it out HERE.

        If Yes… Continue to the next question.

   3. Are you a current smoker or nicotine addict?

        If No STOP:   E-cigarette and vapor products are NOT for you. Not only is nothing you inhale besides clean air good for you. But e-cigarettes and vapors tend to contain nicotine. Nicotine IS addictive. If you are a never smoker, please never start. Ask any smoker why being addicted to nicotine sucks and they will tell you for sure!

       If Yes… Yes! Burning tobacco kills more than 6 million people a year worldwide! Think about that. It kills more than War, Heroine and Cocaine COMBINED!!  Switching off of burning tobacco is NEVER a bad idea. Fu fact: According to Harvard Burning tobacco is the only product available to consumers today that WILL kill you when used as directed. Keep that in mind when you are deciding what nicotine delivery system to use.

Burning tobacco deaths to date:   Well over one BILLION 1,000,000,000

Electronic cigarette deaths to date: 0

Now, we here at A Clean Cigarette are not making any claims there, but we did want to make sure you have the facts before you decide if making the switch is right for you. If and when you DO decide that it’s time to make the switch just swing into any of our 20 store locations or visit our website for a full online store as well as a helpline with Delisha, Flo or Lori available during business hours to offer you live help from smokers who have made the switch just like you are about to. These ladies will take great care of you and they understand what you are going through because we are Smokers Helping Smokers Since 2010! It’s just how we roll.

Alright, there you have it, the easy way to know if making the switch is right for you. If you want more information about A Clean Cigarette and what we stand for visit other pages on this blog. They are chalked full or research, electronic cigarette facts, information on tobacco and so much more.

Thank you for visiting the blog today. I certainly hope that you or a loved one find it helpful. Please let me know what you think in the comments below and always feel free to reach out to me personally on the A Clean Cigarette Facebook page. Thanks again!








5 thoughts on “Electronic Cigarette Facts: Is switching right for you?”

  1. Dawn You really have mastered keeping it simple , over 1 billion have died smoking burning tobacco and none from a e-cig or vapor product . Yes e-cigs have only been in America for a little over a dozen years , but this does ease the mind . Thank You and God Bless You ,Cary

  2. As usual ,Dawn has nailed it again!
    Information is essential! I checked the facts on this product too, when I first started and changed my life in one of the best ways possible. The Blog makes it easier make an informed decision. Thank You!

  3. So simple and easy…one of the great rewards is when a new Customer walks in and a Customer that has been on the product gets excited to tell them how great ACC is.Thank you for always rocking the blog Dawn.I love being able to share the love with Our Customers.

    1. Well done Dawn! The day after you posted this, I had two gentlemen come to the store to check us out and our product. They wanted fact information and wanted to know the difference between us, a cig-a-like, and the MODs. After talking with them and giving them our packets, I gave them the info to go onto our Blog. They said they were going to Tim Hortons and were going to check our Blog info and maybe they would be back. Well, about two hours later, they came back excited to make the switch with A Clean Cigarette. Because you are such a magnificent beast with keeping up with issues and information, I was able to refer them to several specific articles on the Blog. They were very impressed at how informative and honest our Blog is. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. Well done My Lady!

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