Giving the FDA what is asked for: Electronic Cigarette Survey

Hello all, Dawn here your A Clean Cigarette blogger. Today we are going to chat about you. I mean here at A Clean Cigarette you are the most important thing that we do, so you are a great subject.  And who knows more about you than you? Since it can be a bit difficult to get live feedback from blog readers and internet customers I thought the best way to do it would be with an electronic cigarette survey.

I know everyone asks us to fill out surveys nowadays and that sometimes it can be a real pain in the butt to do it, BUT this is really important. You see the FDA is deciding regulations and they are deciding those regulations in a wide variety of ways. One of those ways is is by having those of us in the industry gather evidence.  They are looking for hard science and data but they are also interested in our smoker’s stories.

Why an electronic cigarette survey?

Is it a fad? A trend? A bird flying around a tree? When the electronic cigarette hit the market no one knew what to think about them. Are they going to save millions or kill us all? Now over a decade later, the confusion is still real. While we do have a better grip on what these products are and how they will affect us, we still have a ton of questions. One of which is, does this product work good enough for the addicted cigarette smoker to warrant the risk it has on youth nicotine addiction. Basically will the good out do the bad enough?

So we need to know how we are doing. Have you reached your goals? What level nic are you at? Have you walked down. Or are you like me and on the same level as you started because you have no interest in walking down. I love my nicotine even though I know it’s a Horrible addiction.  But each of us has a different view and different intentions with our nicotine delivery. Let’s face it, the only thing that we ALL have in common here at A Clean Cigarette is that we are/were all smokers.

The Smokers Story

For almost as long as I can remember smokers have been ostracized. It felt like every time I turned around there were more NO SMOKING signs. Then came the education. The truth about what smoking was doing to my body. Eventually, I started hearing about how it was not only hurting me as a smoker. It was also hurting and maybe killing the people around me. We were told that our non-smoking friends and relatives, including our children, were suffering for our nicotine addiction. And we couldn’t argue because they were right.

Seems simple right? Just quit. But Nicotine is nothing to joke about and by this point…we are addicted…there was nothing simple about it.

Then came the e-cigarette. Is it safe? No, nothing besides clean air is safe for our lungs. But they were worth a try. Anything has to be better than the stink, tar and ash filled burning tobacco cigarette, right?

So we tried them. The industry boomed, but have they worked? Have we been able to actually get off burning tobacco? Do we feel better? That’s where you and this electronic cigarette survey comes in. We need to know and we need the FDA to know.

Please take this electronic cigarette survey, the only person that can tell your smoker’s story is you.

Most of the questions on this survey are directed specifically on your goals and successes however since there are a few that we are just curious about. Feel free to skip anything you do not want to answer. All input super helpful!!


Thank you!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to do that if you did. You are SOOO appreciated. If you didn’t then I am assuming that you have not made the switch yet and are here looking for information about A Clean Cigarette. I can help. 😉 Just visit www.ACleanCigarette.Com for a locations list and a full online store. You guys rock! Thank you!




PS. A Clean Cigarette Team members should feel free to participate too. Just be sure to add the “Team Member” after your name on the survey. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Giving the FDA what is asked for: Electronic Cigarette Survey”

  1. Dawn,we have had great response on the survey,Customers have been happy to do the survey knowing ACC is here to help them in any possible way we can.Thank You

  2. Dawn You really understand who we are and what we are doing ,what I mean is, simply we are people who gave into smoking to be cool or we were curious or whatever . We did not think we would not be able to quit if it cost to much or if our health started to fall apart , we just started smoking . For most of us when our world started to fall apart ,we thought that damn cigarette was our friend , I mean it kinda made us feel better , and that was a hell of a lot better then reality . You make it easy to tell the world our truth , or what we think is truth . You are the real person Dawn , You have the brains and ambition and skills to motivate us to do a few simple things to give the necessary data to the right people ,to make positive change just by filling out a survey . I now realize I should of just said , Thanks Dawn , for taking Your battles and helping us.From Your long winded friend, Cary

  3. We have had a better response than I thought we would have to the in store customer survey.The on line survey is a great idea!~T

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