Gottlieb CNBC: Convenience store e-cigarettes flavor and internet crack down

Hello, welcome back if you are a returning user and if this is your first time we are glad to see you too. I am Dawn your loyal A Clean Cigarette blogger here to bring you all things electronic cigarette, vapor or burning tobacco related. Today’s blog is all about the big guy in tobacco control. Scott Gottlieb, the Director of the FDA. Last Friday Gottlieb made a tv appearance on CNBC where he spoke a lot about what the FDA plans to do about youth vaping. He had a lot to say ranging from a possible ban on convenience store e-cigarettes to a harsh crackdown on internet sales.

The interview itself took place on CNBC’s talking heads show the “Squawk Box”. Which aired Friday night and these guys did not hold back when it comes to how bad the youth vaping epidemic has become and what steps the FDA is considering to curb the appeal. They noted that the FDA conducted a retail blitz over the summer. By far the largest coordinated enforcement effort in FDA history. At that time they issued more than 1,300 warning letters and fines to retailers who illegally sold Juul and other e-cigarettes to minors.

Those numbers are obviously not acceptable.

Convenience Store E-Cigarettes / Flavor ban.

This was an image from a past blog. At the time we did not know the FDA was talking about banning convenience store e-cigarettes with or without flavors. We have always said that we are superior but that does not mean we want them wiped off counters all together!

One of the largest revelations of the night came when Gottlieb implied that the best course of action might be to limit convince store sales. He stated that one option would be to ban flavors from convincing stores. Forcing folks to buy from brick and mortar specialty shops like A Clean Cigarette.

Convenience store E-Cigarettes would still exist they just would not be available in many flavors. Weather that flavor ban would include menthol or not Gottlieb gave no clue.

“We’re looking at what can be sold in brick-and-mortar stores and whether or not flavored products can be sold in regular stores like a 7-Eleven and a truck stop and a gas station, or whether or not flavored products on the market should be confined to adult vaping shops, which generally tend to do a better job of checking ID,” 

It’s cool that they are recognizing that us, brick and mortar stores are really trying to do things right but we do worry that limiting the availability of products will hurt smokers too.

Its a conundrum and we are glad it’s not us pulling the trigger on this. All that being said if you are a smoker who has switched to a convenience store e-cigarettes brand and you start having a hard time getting your product. Drop by any A Clean Cigarette store. We will match you to what you are currently using if possible and we will always be in-stock.

Internet Crack Down

This is not the first time Gottlieb has mentioned banning the sales of electronic cigarettes and vapor products online. It is, however, the first time that they seemed so sure of it. Gone are the soft warnings, Friday night’s interview went right to the center of the topic.

Bonnie Herzog, a Wells Fargo analyst that has been very vocal in the electronic cigarette and vaping industries, had this to say in response to Gottlieb’s statements:

“We now think it’s more likely than not that the agency: bans online sales of e-cigs until it is able to formulate appropriate restrictions via regulation; possibly restricts the sale of cartridge-based e-cigs to vape shops; and bans/restricts certain e-cig flavors with high youth appeal.

What does that mean?

Well, it means that there is a good chance internet sales will be interrupted at LEAST temporarily. Possibly permanently. But what will that mean for the online customers who depend on internet sales? That is a great question according to Greg Conley President of the AVA (American Vapor Association). He had this to say on the subject:

 “limiting sales of flavored vaping products to adult-only stores is undoubtedly preferable to the sort of heavy-handed regulatory measures that Commissioner Gottlieb has floated in recent months.”

“Nonetheless, the fact remains that tens of millions of Americans — particularly those in rural areas — do not live in close proximity to a vape shop. For these adults, vaping products being available in traditional retail outlets or through age-verified Internet sales is not just a matter of convenience. It’s the only reasonable way for many to access these harm reduction products.”

I find it hard to argue with him. I know a large number of our online customers are folks who need the convenience of online sales. Whether they need it due to health, age or distance we are proud to serve our online smokers.

As of now, there is nothing to worry about, although some online consumers are already reportedly stocking up. Just in case. If you are one of our online customers have no fear. We will keep an eye out and give you a big heads up. We will not give up on you. And we will fight as long as we can to have the honor of serving you.

Until then…

None of the things Gottlieb talked about are in effect as of now. We here at A Clean Cigarette are going to keep on keeping on. Doing things right and sharing our story whenever possible with the FDA. They need to know that some of us are out here trying to really change the world. For the better.

Regardless of how things work out for convenience store e-cigarettes or the on-line sales, A Clean Cigarette will be here to have your back.

If you or a loved one is a smoker who would like to make the switch. Visit to learn more. If you are a blog reader who has a blog idea or a question you would like answered drop me a line on FB. Our Private message system will get you right to me.

Thank you so much for taking the time to stay informed. Staying informed is the weapon we have in this battle and you are the army we have to carry it. Please share this information and help other stay informed too. You freaking rock.





8 thoughts on “Gottlieb CNBC: Convenience store e-cigarettes flavor and internet crack down”

  1. Dawn , Thanks for the latest news on what’s Rocking and Rolling with the FDA and the e-cigs . We are ready , and have plenty of product . We will always find a way to never let our customers down , as You say it is a Honor to serve our friends , our customers , because we all smoke our product too . Thanks Dawn Cary

    1. Thank You Dawn! Well done My Lady! It is so wonderful that Dr. Gottlieb understands our product and is in support of it. His statement of wanting to switch all tobacco smokers to the e-cig is very powerful. Our goal is to help people get off of burning tobacco. As you say Dawn, we will keep on keeping on. We truly care deeply about our customers. Sue

  2. Another great Blog ! I talk to retailers everyday places like 7-Eleven and Rite Aids the people behind the counters just don’t have any idea on what they’re selling to people. That’s why the brick and mortar stores like A Clean Cigarette that specialize in eCig are great assets.for burning tobacco smokers trying to figure out what it’s all about.

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