FDA release: Statements on youth vaping and more.

FDA Release report

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A few things happened in the electronic and vapor worlds last week but none as big as the statement released by the FDA.  Scott Gottlieb, who is head of the FDA, released a statement on the 12th that has been all over the headlines. Most of the articles that have reported on this focus on the releases primary topic, the “epidemic” of youth vaping. I mean it makes sense that most news agencies are focusing on that since it an all too real issue.

This FDA release has teeth

In the FDA release, Gottlieb called out manufacturers and retailers alike. He promised a crackdown on any e-cigarette or vapor company that is marketing or selling to minors. And they have already started. Here are a couple quotes from the statement to show you what I mean.

  • “We sent more than 1,100 warning letters to stores for the illegal sale of e-cigarettes to minors. In addition, we issued another 131 civil money penalties to stores that continued to violate the restrictions on sales to minors.”


  • “This spring, we focused on sales of JUUL, issuing 56 warning letters and six civil monetary penalties to retailers as part of this effort. And, today, we’re announcing that we’re taking other, significant enforcement and compliance actions.” 

    Packaging like this is all too common in the e-liquid industry. This FDA Release promises a harsh crackdown on products like these.

From the looks of it, the FDA is pretty serious about this and we here at A Clean Cigarette agree full heartedly.  It’s hard to argue with him when he calls out this industry as a whole in this FDA release. It’s unfortunate but true that some companies in this industry are operating much like the big tobacco companies of the past. Full on marketing to children and very young adults in an effort to sell, sell, sell. But what they are selling could very well be a lifelong addiction. Let’s face it, whether e-cigarettes are less harmful than burning cigarettes, or not, they contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical regardless of how it is delivered.  If you are a never smoker never start, even with e-cigarettes and vapor products.

That being said……..

There is so much more to this FDA release than the minor sales crackdown. I mean seriously check out these quotes to see what I mean for yourself.

  • “Our comprehensive tobacco plan to combat the ill effects of smoking was founded on a central animating principle. That what primarily causes death and disease from tobacco use isn’t the nicotine in these products. It’s the act of lighting tobacco on fire to free that drug for inhalation.” “While it’s the addiction to nicotine that keeps people smoking, it’s primarily the combustion, which releases thousands of harmful constituents into the body at dangerous levels, that kills people.”

I love seeing statements like this from people like Scott Gottlieb. I mean if even the head of the FDA knows that it’s the fire, not the nicotine maybe we will be able to claim that someday. As of now, we at A Clean Cigarette cannot and do not make the claim that because nothings burning with our product we are less harmful than burning tobacco.

  • “E-cigarettes may present an important opportunity for adult smokers to transition off combustible tobacco products and onto nicotine delivery products that may not have the same level of risks associated with them.”

We have seen the FDA mention actively moving smokers to e-cigarettes in an effort to save millions of lives before. Glad to see it again, can’t wait for them to really get focused on that. Seems to mean if they REALLY want this they will have to start letting us claim less harmful than burning tobacco. Mind you we are not asking to claim harmless. Nothing you inhale besides clean air is harmless. Just Less harmful. But we can’t and don’t claim that yet.

And again!

  • “we’re developing a path to properly regulate non-combustible forms of nicotine delivery, like electronic cigarettes, that may be an alternative for adults who still want to get access to satisfying levels of nicotine, without all the risks associated with lighting tobacco on fire.”

They just keep saying it. Gotta love it and I gotta wonder why I am not seeing this type of quote in most of the articles reporting on this FDA release. I mean yes the youth vaping is important, really important. But so is this!

There are a bunch more good quotes in the release.  Feel free to read the whole document by clicking HERE. It’s worth the read.

Gottlieb challenges the industry

Gottlieb had more than threats and great information to offer in this FDA release. He also made a blatant challenge to our industry as a whole.

  • “Next week, we’re also announcing a national campaign to warn teenagers of the dangers of nicotine and e-cigarette use. This public campaign will bring these public health messages to online sites that we know teenagers access, and even to high school bathrooms. I challenge e-cig manufacturers to take equally bold action to reform their own practices.”

I for one hope our industry really takes this challenge to heart. It’s deadly important Here at A Clean Cigarette we ID, never sell to minors and go one step further by never selling to never smokers. Not because of this challenge, but because we are all smokers who made the switch. As smokers helping smokers we would NEVER want to get another person hooked on nicotine. We get the battle and understand the war. I am sure you smokers out there know what I mean.

As for the “National Campaign to Warn Teenagers” that Guttlieb mentions above. If you are interested in seeing that FDA Release just follow that link. It’s also worth the read.

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  1. Dawn, Thank You again ,People if anyone wants a WOW moment read this Blog . The statement You made for us smokers is Really Who We Are and How we Thank “We Get the Battle and Understand the War ” Well Done Dawn ,Thanks Cary

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