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Well hello, and welcome back! Dawn here again your A Clean Cigarette blogger. Here to report on all things e-cigarette, vapor or burning tobacco-related, or in this case A Clean Cigarette App related. I have a great time doing this and I am honored to get to seek out information for all of my fellow smokers and switchers. Thank you for stopping in and I hope I can provide information that makes this blog something you find entertaining and useful.

Speaking of useful…

If you are a current customer of A Clean Cigarette brand Cigarette. Then you understand what we mean when we say that we are Smokers helping Smokers since 2010. You get that we get it and that since we have done it, we can help you. It’s really easy to see when you walk into one of our brick and mortar locations and it’s a really important difference between A Clean Cigarette and ANY other brand of e-cigarette that I can find. No one else ONLY hires smokers who have made the switch. Heck in most cases if you are buying an e-cigarette brand at a gas station then the person who is selling it doesn’t even know how to use it.

Being able to understand and walk with our fellow smokers and switchers gives us a unique ability to take extra special care of you. In our stores. Which is spectacular news for those folks that happen to live near one of our 20 Michigan Store Locations.

Not every smoker does 🙁

What about for those smokers and switchers who live 30, 40, 50 or sometimes hundreds of miles from our stores. How are we doing with those folks? And can we do better?

Sure we have worked hard to make our online experience great with services such as an actual telephone number that connects to actual live smokers who have made the switch during business hours. But what about the basics of ordering, subscriptions, and shipping?

Well, we think we are doing pretty good. We offer free fast shipping (Okay as fast as the USPS which is typically really good. However it is a government-run establishment. Have patience with these overworked underpaid heroes.) We also try to keep as many as the in-store features available as possible but even we know that when it comes to online we can improve. So we are:

Introducing the A Clean Cigarette App Available Now in the Google Play Store

Now with the new A Clean Cigarette App when our customers who are too far away from one of our store locations want to re-up an order its going to be as simple and convenient as a few buttons on your smartphone. Plus installing it is a breeze!

1: Click on the Google Play Store icon and search for A Clean Cigarette in the apps section.

A Clean Cigarette App_How_Play_Store


2: Click Install on the A Clean Cigarette App landing page. Install it and then click to open it.. (Download took me less than 30 seconds. However, it could take up to a minute depending on your Wifi speeds. )

A Clean Cigarette App_How_Play_Store

When all finished you should see the A Clean Cigarette Icon somewhere on your phone’s desktop.

That’s it, that’s all. There is nothing more to the set up than that. You do need an A Clean Cigarette account to make orders but you can make one from the A Clean Cigarette App or from our website at

So if you are lucky enough to live near one of our store locations then you can come on in for one on one service but now if you live too far away to visit, things just got easier. I won’t show pics of what is in the app. You will have to download and take a peek for yourself. 😉


As you can see from some of the images above, the Google Play Store has the age rating set at M17+. That is just the highest Google age group there is. It is NOT us agreeing to sell to 17-year-olds. Not only won’t we sell to you if you are under 18, we won’t sell to you if your a never smoker either. If you are not addicted to nicotine these products are NOT for you. You can and probably will get addicted. Have no fear, once inside the A Clean Cigarette App, when you go to log in and order it does ask for age verification to help prevent against minor sales.

Well, that’s that 411 on the A Clean Cigarette App.

Download it, play with it and let us know what you think. Keep in mind that its a new toy for us too, so if you come across any bugs let us know PLEASE. Also please leave us a rating on the A Clean Cigarette App. We are currently one of the only real e-cigarette apps out there although there is a lot of apps that have the words electronic cigarette in the title…odd.  I know I say it a lot but every click counts and in this case, every rating counts triple!

Thank you so much for stopping into the blog today. I appreciate every single reader and hope that I am keeping you up to date and informed. If you have questions please feel free to leave me a message on our FB page or drop me a comment below. If you are new to the blog and you drop your question in the comments please be patient with the response. Sometimes my anti-spam guard catches perfectly good comments and tucks them away before I get to see them. I check the folder about once a week. While the Anti Spam is a pain in the rear. When I look at the thousands of horrible links and comments it blocks, I appreciate it as well.

Have a great day!




PS. Okay, one sneak peek 😉

Now you can get all of us at the touch of a button on your phone. Plus great Product Deals and our Rewards Program.

4 thoughts on “Introducing A Clean Cigarette App. Google Play Store”

  1. This is great, we have a Customer moving to Arizona and I will be sure She gets this info before leaving.Thanks Dawn

  2. Dawn , WOW ! this is going to make it so much easier for online people and customers who just want to get to know our products better . Your Amazing Dawn , Thanks Cary

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