Vintage Cigarette ads and their roll with today’s FDA

It’s that time again. Time for another blog from A Clean Cigarette and I am Dawn. Your A Clean Cigarette blogger. Thank you for stopping in and I hope that if you are looking for answers on this blog, that you have found them. If you haven’t, remember to leave me a comment below with your question. That way I can find you the answers that you deserve. Okay, now on to today’s topic, Vintage cigarette ads.

So as some of you may know, and some may not that is okay too. The FDA has put some pretty strong regulations on how and when e-cigarettes can be advertised. Not as strong as burning tobacco cigarettes, but strong none the less. Gone are the days of setting up tents at small local community events to help smokers in their own back yards. Now when an ad is in print, most of that print is warning labels such as “This product contains nicotine”. And we are not even upset by it.

We understand the need for common sense regulations and warning labels. Maybe that is why we put the nicotine warning on our products BEFORE it was required. Because it just made sense to us that consumers need to KNOW what they are buying. Another thing that helps us understand why the FDA is so interested in learning about and regulating this industry is that we can see what is in the history books just like they can.

What do I mean by that?

Simple, before the e-cigarette and before the big push in the 80’s and 90’s to regulate burning tobacco burning tobacco brands, they had free rain on what they said and how they advertised. They were left to their own to decide what message to spread. Quite frankly they blew it. We can see that clearly by taking a peak at some vintage cigarette ads. Take this vintage cigarette ad below for instance.


Lucky strike ad from 1970's showing a large man "turning into a slim man" Claiming throat protection.

This Lucky Strike vintage cigarette ad and many like it clearly imply that you will have energy and lose a significant amount of weight by choosing their brand. It gets worse too. If you look at the smaller printed under the word “Toasted” this ad claims Lucky’s will protect your throat against cough and irritation. I can only speak for myself but I my self-have helped dozens of people with throat cancer over from burning tobacco. Here is a testimony from one hero survivor of vocal cord cancer who made the switch.

Curt Buda



The sad truth is that the claim of throat protection was a pretty common practice for these vintage cigarette ads. Here are a couple more examples.

More Vintage Cigarette Ads

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A little bit more than just disturbing right? No wonder folks wanted these guys regulated. Even the doctors got involved with it. I mean why not right there is money to be made!!!

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And the nurses were not left out of the vintage cigarette ad business.


Red Apple brand Vintage Cigarette ad with image if a nurse smoking



Oh and what about the kiddos? They had to be untouchable right? Nope, as you can see below not even Santa Clause was left out of the vintage cigarette ads.

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I could go on forever. There are SOO many of these vintage cigarette ads out there that we could turn this into a novel. I won’t do that to you. 😛 Although if you are interested in more just google it they are fairly easy to find.

All I am saying is that I understand why the FDA is being so cautious. I get it. They don’t want a repeat of a really tragic story and that makes sense. That is exactly why more and more research keeps coming out. Because we want to know. The thing we don’t want to make ANY health claim except that we are healthier than smoking burning tobacco. That’s it.

But we can’t make that claim.

Even knowing how bad burning tobacco is they still won’t let us make that one claim. We get the advertising restrictions, we even get a need to know whats in our products and where/how they are made. Seems logical. We definitely agree with age restrictions and warnings about how addicting nicotine is. Here at A Clean Cigarette, we were all smokers who made the switch first. No smoker would want to get a non-addicted person hooked to nicotine. We know how evil that would be.  All that seems logical.

It’s that one claim we hope they will come around to making an option for us. They have the evidence, the report by Congress is the report making the claim. We are not those guys and we are not asking to do what they did, just what they should have. Tell the truth.

The truth is E-cigarettes are not harmless. Nothing you inhale besides clean air is harmless but things with nicotine in them are particularly not harmless. That is why never-smokers should never use an e-cigarette. But smokers on the other hand. Well, smokers are currently using the deadliest form of nicotine delivery known to man. Its side effect is death, and in most cases, that death is slow and painful. Worse yet, burning tobacco in the form of 2nd and 3rd hand smoke can spread its deadly toxins to our friends and loved ones whether they smoke or not. So no e-cigarettes are not harmless and if you are a never smoker PLEASE never start. Even on e-cigarettes.

That’s how advertising should be done.

No bull crap, we deliver nicotine, it will taste, hit and feel as close to a real cigarette as possible and will have approximately 594 less ingredient than your average burning tobacco cigarette. It will most likely contain nicotine. nicotine is addictive in an e-cigarette too. Nothing but clean air is healthy for you, but if your a smoker look at what we are up against as far as competition. Like I said the deadliest product on earth. Why not switch? What have you got to lose? In my personal experience, all I lost was my asthma inhalers. Psst, Thier side effect of burning tobacco is death, it doesn’t get worse.

Alright, I will step off my soapbox sorry I get a little riled up when I think about that one claim and how we can not and do not make it. So let me get back on target with these last two vintage cigarette ads that were particularly inappropriate to me. The one claiming that their brand is so safe you can “Inhale to your heart’s content” is mind-blowing but then again. The one showing a woman being led around by smoke is pretty freaking crazy. I think I can speak for most women when I say that if you walk up and blow your smoke in my face you are more likely to get hit in the nose than hit on.


I hope today’s blog was fun and interesting and if you have any thoughts or comment please feel free to reach out to me in the comments below or on our FB page. Please give us a like while you are there! Every click counts. Thank you again for stopping in!




7 thoughts on “Vintage Cigarette ads and their roll with today’s FDA”

  1. I have a few questions:
    1. I tend to hold the e-cig in my mouth between my teeth sometimes. If I’m doing something that requires a lot of thought, I tend to grind the plastic/paper off. Is there anything underneath that can be bad for me?

    2. Sometimes if I take several hits in a row, there is a hot, metallic tasting puff. Does that mean that the e-cig is too hot? Did that burn too much liquid? Will it shorten the life of that cartridge?

    3. Is there ANYTHING we can do with the old cartridges? I got used to giving them back to you when I used to use them years ago. I have saved them now for four months just in case you can use them somehow.

    Thank you so much for making these! I actually much prefer your Clean Cigarettes to the real thing!

    1. Hey Rob, these are some great questions and I want to make sure I answer them all.

      1st as for chewing, the metal under the paper is Stainless steal so other than the harm you may cause from chewing on steal, there should be no risk. 🙂 Chew on.

      2. Yes when hitting the product back to back with out allowing the heating element to cool you will experience a “dry Puff” taste and feel and that will absolutely effect the life of your cartridges. Visit this link for tips and tricks on how to get the best cartridge life and quality.

      3: Bring those cartridges back to us and we will buy the used ones at .5 cents each. We recycle them into things like street signs. You will find more info on our recycle program in the blogs attached to the link above.

      ALSO: Be sure to hit the new customer guide button at the top of the page weather you are an new customer or not. There is a TON of info in there!

      Thank you for asking these great questions Rob!!


  2. I am so glad things have changed so much with the advertising of cigarettes,as a teenager smoking was considered glamorous…Thank goodness we’ve come a long way baby!

  3. Dawn this is Crazy , I wish I would have got on my computer and read the Blog it would of gave me Crazy talking material , now I understand a little more why the FDA is so regulatory crazy , I also Hope the FDA reads Your Plea to speed up the Harm Reduction on the e-cig , Great Work ! Thanks Dawn Cary

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