My Story Videos strike again, but with a twist.

Hello! Welcome to the A Clean Cigarette blog with your ever loyal A Clean Cigarette blogger, Me, Dawn. ūüėČ A while back we did a video campaign called My Story.

A great idea

The idea was that we would ask customers to tell their personal smokers story in front of the camera so that other smokers could see what switching to A Clean Cigarette is all about. It seemed like a great idea to us since the whole premise of our company is Smokers helping Smokers, and we were right. It was a great hit and in fact, some of those videos are now on our TV commercials.  You can also see a few of them on this blog in the sidebars on each as well as by  Clicking Here to get to MyStory.One the site that we keep them on.  Also, let me show you two examples here:



They turned out great!

We loved how these videos turned out and could not believe how blessed we are that so many customers wanted to be a part of this project. Each and every one of the people that participated did so voluntarily and without pay. They just wanted to share their smokers story with other smokers. And we are sure glad that they did.

The truth is time after time when we ask for reviews, comments or testimonies you guys are always ready and willing. From the hundreds of testimonies, we have published in our magazines to the amazing social media reviews, We have always been able to count on you guys. With that in mind and with the success of the first My Story campaign still fresh in our minds leadership here at A Clean Cigarette think its time to do another My Story round…except with a twist…

The Twist:

As you probably¬†know here at A Clean Cigarette we only hire people who have made the switch off of burning tobacco. That means that every one of us that work here were customers first. It’s the reason we say we are smokers helping smokers, because that’s what we are. That also means we each have our own smokers story too.

Time after time we have asked you to share your stories with us, this time we think it’s only fair if we do the heavy lifting. So the twist is that these next My Story videos¬†will feature the leadership of A Clean Cigarette so that you can hear for yourself what drives each of us to do what we do here at A Clean Cigarette.

I do not have all the videos yet but I am going to share my, My Story video below as a preview. From the bottom of my heart, I hope that these stories will help smokers to keep promises. (PS, I was so freaking nervous please be kind! LOL!)


If you have loved ones that smoke burning tobacco who have not yet made the switch, consider sharing our My Story videos with them. With smokers helping smokers there is a real chance in our battle against big tobacco. Thank you for visiting the blog today and stay tuned to our FB to see the rest of the leadership videos.

We had a lot of fun sharing our stories with you!




5 thoughts on “My Story Videos strike again, but with a twist.”

  1. Great story Dawn…I didn’t know that I was going to give up nasty burning tobacco either, a Friend of mine set up an interview for me with Angie in Charlotte, after the interview, Angie told me I had to be burning tobacco free, say what? I told her I didnt feel that was possible. She sent me home with a bundle and all the information needed to begin My journey, the funny thing about this was She gave me normal and I am a menthol smoker,I hung on til morning and called to see if there was a menthol LOL.Well here it is almost 5 years later( 7/31/2013), I have not touched a burning cigarette,working for the most amazing Company! I enjoy the excitement with each milestone I hit.I always try and share this excitement with Customers, life is good!!!

  2. The “My Story” videos are a great way to encourage and empower smokers to say to themselves ” If they can do it.(make the switch) Then so can I!”

  3. Thank you again for the great work you put into the blog to make it. Keep up the great work!

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