The CDC releases great news! So why all the shady headlines?

Hello all again, it’s your A Clean Cigarette blogger, Dawn. I really enjoy blogging, for the most part, I mean what’s Not to enjoy? I get to sit at a laptop and investigate, search and research on a topic that I feel passionately about.  It’s typically pretty awesome, it really is. However, sometimes it does get a bit disheartening when I find a piece of great information hidden behind sketchy headlines and twisted propaganda ploys.

For instance, What if I told you that the CDC (Center for Disease Control) just released the findings of it’s 2017 National Youth Tobacco Survey and that it showed that the number of underage 18  smokers has fallen by more than half since e-cigarettes became popular! That’s huge right?!?!  Never in history has a smoking rate fallen so dramatically. I would think with all of the recent attention and effort regarding how e-cigarettes and vapes affect our youth that results like that would be stand on the mountain shout victory kinda good news.

Unfortunately, the survey also happens to take place between the years of 2011 and 2017. At the height of the industry’s break on to the market, so it shows a large growth in ENDS uses too. But of course, the overall rate jumped from no one knowing what this stuff existed, is to now. If 0 have tried it before then every increase is a big increase percentage wise.

More telling yet is that the growth of youth vaping between 2016 and 2017 stalled out compared to the years leading up to 2016. So once the new wore off the incline in use faded way off too. Many experts are claiming this combined with the reduced smoking rate clearly dispells the “Gateway” claims in regards to ENDS products.

While I agree that ANY rise in youth ENDS use is a bad thing, I think we can ALL agree that cutting smoking rates in half is freaking HUGE.  

So then why are these the headlines that I am seeing:

CBS: “Is teen vaping on the rise? Study says no, but some experts are skeptical”

MedicalXpress: “Stall in e-cigarette use among youth, reflected in CDC survey, worrisome, says American Heart Association”

NBC: “Number of Kids Vaping Isn’t Up, CDC Study Says, But Some Are Skeptical”

Fox: “E-cigarettes ubiquitous at schools despite all efforts”

Why not a Headling like:

CDC Finds a direct correlation between e-cigarettes and reduced smoking rates.

or if that one is too nice to the ENDS industry then they could just go with:

CDC Survey Reports a Historic Decline in Youth Smoking Rates

I know that it’s a pipe dream to think the media will report things like this in any good light, but if they won’t I will. So yea, I love being a blogger and come to think of it, even though this kind of stuff bums me out, its the very reason I feel I need to do these blogs.  Without blogs like this, AND blog readers like YOU information like this would be missed by the very people who need it the most, smokers.

If you would like a chance to peek at the CDC Survey Click Here.

It is the typical boring read that you would expect but its chalked full of good findings and useful information.

Thank you again for stopping in and a huge thank you to those who share and comment on this blog. Seriously none of this would be possible without you!



6 thoughts on “The CDC releases great news! So why all the shady headlines?”

  1. Ya, why not a headline that says ” Over 100,000 people have made the switch from burning tobacco to A Clean Cigarette” #ACCmakinithappen

    1. It would be so wonderful to see honest news being reported again…I always watched the news to be up to date on whats happening, sad to say I rarely watch the news now ,looks more like a circus show!Thanks for posting positive ,honest information Dawn.

  2. Thank you Dawn! It is nice to see the real story on what is going on! Thank you for all your research and helping us all see the truth.

  3. Thank you once again Dawn for the information. Soon enough the news will be saying how 100,000 people have made the switch. For now just keep sharing all the information with people. Lori

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