Take a tour of the new A Clean Cigarette Blog! It just keeps getting better!

Hello! Welcome back to the A Clean Cigarette Blog. I am Dawn your loyal blogger and I am very glad you are here today. You may have noticed that the blog looks a LOT different than it has in the past. That is because we here at A Clean Cigarette are always trying to take advantage of the newest and best technology possible for you our customers. And Boy has the blog taken a turn for the better when it comes to usability and functionality.

Today we are going to get a quick tour of a couple of the newest features that are now available on the blog.


Let’s start at the obvious beginning, the home page:



A: Now we have the date at the top of the page to make it easier for readers to decide how old a post may be. This is super helpful since it is next to the “news ticker”.

B: The A Clean Cigarette website address is not located right at the top of every page. Want to visit A Clean Cigarettes main page? It’s easy peasy now!

C: That’s who we are: A Clean Cigarette, Smokers helping Smokers since 2010

D: This one is REALLY cool. This new link will help new users (and maybe some experienced ones) find tips and tricks to help them succeed during their switch from burning tobacco to A Clean Cigarette brand e-cigarettes. We will talk more about this place later in this tour.

E: The News Ticker. This is where all of the most recent or most important blogs will tick by. Keep an eye up here for some really great information. Each featured post is dated so you will know when they were released.

F: MY favorite update. These categories are going to help you navigate better. Need information on research? just click the research category and all of the blogs on that topic will be available. We will talk more about this in a minute too.

G: The home button will now be on all pages, you can also click the A Clean Cigarette logo at any time to navigate to the homepage.

H: This area is not new but it is not used very often either. Check out the about us section to hear our stories. 🙂

I: I think this says it all when it comes to the product. No Stink, No Tar, No Ash, No Butts!

J: The cute little icon of a magnifying glass will open a search area like the one below. If the categories do not get you where you want to be this search feature will. There is another search feature located a bit further down the page in the sidebar that is easier to see. Either search will get you the information that you need. And if it doesn’t, leave me a comment I will find you the answers.

K: Want to purchase an A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarette? Then our on-line store is the place to be. Just click this link to find out how to get there!

L: The year we were founded: February 2010, time flies when you are having fun!

M: Okay here I may have gotten a little circle happy when I was editing the image. But it is a good reminder where this blog can be found! 😛

N: There is a lot of information in this area, play around with the pages see if you can find stuff that would be helpful to you!

Deeper peek at the Categories and new user feature:

New to A Clean Cigarette and just want to know what to expect? Have a troubleshooting issue and you want answers? This is the link you want to click. As you can see it is located near the top of our blog and easy to see.

What you will find:

  • What to expect in the first 7 to 15 Days of the switch.
  • ACC TroubleShooting guide.
  • Blogs you may find helpful.
  • A New user Video with me trying to answer a few questions and giving a few tips and tricks.

And a few other interesting tidbits including a customer service number for immediate help with any A Clean Cigarette issues. If there is something you would like to see on the New User Guide, leave me a comment, I appreciate suggestions!


Each blog post has at least one category on the upper left-hand side. Many of them have more than one. When you need specific information just click the color-coded buttons to be directed to a list of the blog post that suits your needs.

Important note: 

One of our new categories is called “New Customer Suggestions” If you are having any issues with your ACC try this category for more information.

Also, Remember: 


These are on each page because I am always willing to help! Leave me a comment or reach out to me on our FB (Click Here) and I will always do my best to find you the answers that you deserve. Really I will!


Something else to keep in mind is that the easiest to find search bar is always located right below my picture on every page. ⇓


Share Us: 

Another important update is that we have much easier for you to help us spread all this great information around!





Located in the sidebars you can easily see our Twitter and Facebook Feeds. We really appreciate every single like and share.

We also have the buttons available at the bottom of the page to share this blog on a variety of sights.







Well, there you have it. A Quick tour of our new blog! If you have time check out our other social media pages and don’t forget our Pinterest page. I am particularly proud of the great information available there: https://www.pinterest.com/acleancigarette/  Thanks for stopping in!




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  1. Dawn You made it Really Easy to find all the ansers to all the Questions on The e-cig and the True on what the media says ,This Blog is Beautifull and full of Color , a Real Class Act , Thanks Cary

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