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Hello again! Dawn here your A Clean Cigarette blogger. One of my favorite types of blogs to do is the blogs that fall into the ACC Answers category. For those of you who do not know, ACC Answers is all about answering questions that YOU the customer have submitted to either myself or one of our amazing storefront team members.

Thanks to great customer-submitted questions, we have covered topics like how smoking affects diabetes or the effects of nicotine on the brain and today we are going to tackle another GREAT question. YAY!!

Does Altitude affect electronic cigarettes and vapes?

This question came to me from Tina at our Elmwood store location in Lansing. (Shout out to Tine, You freaking rock lady! Thank you for caring enough to seek answers!!) She had a customer who went to Vegas and wanted to know if altitude had affected the life of the cartridge.

When I heard about this question I immediately scraped the idea I was going to run with today and focused here. It’s a SPECTACULAR question.

The short answer: Yes, altitude can affect the life of a cartridge. It can also affect additional aspects of vaping and e-cigarettes.

The Why: Different altitudes mean different air pressure. Vapor will be thinner than normal at higher altitude levels because the air around you is thinner.

That means that when you puff on a cartridge it may not give the visible cloud or if it does it will be a lighter thinner one. But how does that affect the life of the cartridge?

It’s simple really, since we puff here in Michigan we are accustomed to a certain throat hit and a certain “cloud” but if we go to say Denver which is one of the highest points in the US and puff there the hit will feel and look different, which could lead us to puff harder again, and again in an attempt to get the feel and look that has become a part of our norm.  Improper puffing like this will make a cartridge taste burnt long before the fluid has been used. Basically using up a perfectly good cartridge with far fewer puffs then is our norm.

Now if we had started on the product IN Denver then our norm would be the thinner hit. Since it would be our norm it won’t feel like we are missing something with the thinner hit. (even the cigarettes we used to smoke would have a “thinner” hit at high altitudes.)

On the other hand, if we were somewhere between Denver and Michigan in altitude, say like anywhere in Nevada we may not consciously note the change of the cloud, but subconsciously its almost guaranteed that we pick up on the lighter throat hit and chest satisfaction. The lack of our norm, in this case, would mean we would puff longer, more often and harder, but we may not even know we are doing it. Again leading to a premature burning of the cartridge.

Here is the kicker: 

Even though the hit may look and feel different, rest assured the nicotine delivered is the same. You do not need to back to back hit to get what you are really looking for from your A Clean Cigarette. Just puff it as normal regardless of the altitude and be prepared for a thinner hit the higher you go. (Some people may even think that the cartridge is out based on the limited “smoke” but if you know that it’s a fresh cart and you are at higher then your norm altitude levels, a thin cloud is absolutely normal and your cart is not empty.)

How else does altitude effect ENDS products?

Well when the altitude goes up,  air can get pushed into some devices. This air will make room by pushing out the fluid and in some cases damaging devices. This is not a huge deal for A Clean Cigarette users as most of our products have a cotton technology that helps to prevent against any leakage. However, if you are a MOD or Tank model vape user check with your supplier to see if the device you are using has any special high altitude needs and be sure to put any bottles of fluid in plastic bags that are sealed. Some of the devices have been reported to loose seals and have coil issues in medium to high altitude location.

In a nutshell: 

If you are traveling with A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes the higher the altitude the thinner a hit you will get. In most cases, you may not even notice it happening because most places are not at extreme altitudes, but none the less you may burn through carts a little faster depending on the altitude you are at. In extreme altitudes, the thinning of the hit will be very noticeable.

For best results bring a couple extra cartridges in case and puff on your A Clean Cigarette as normally as possible while traveling.

We are very thankful for this question and all of the questions submitted to ACC Answer. If you have questions you would like us to find answers for please drop us a message on the A Clean Cigarette Facebook page.  Also if you would like more information on the A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarette just visit our webpage and full online store HERE.

I hope this information answered the question and I hope you all have a blessed day!






9 thoughts on “ACC Answers: Altitude and E-cigarettes”

  1. Tina Great Question, Thanks to Dawn for always doing the needed research and getting us a Quick answer.I have Smoked my A Clean Cigarette on planes halfway around the world and have not seen any change, but I’m that guy, real simple. I smoke it in the bathroom, and I don’t blow out a lot of vapor, Thanks Cary .

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