Things that make me go Hmmmm?

Hello all! Dawn here your A Clean Cigarette blogger. Coming at you once again with all things e-cigarette. Before we get started let me say, Thank You. I truly appreciate you reading these blogs. I mean let’s face it, writing the blog only counts if there are people reading it. I feel honored and blessed every time I come on this blog site and see the visitor count. Some of our blog posts are reaching 2 or 300 visitors each week, that’s around a thousand a month. Some of the post reach even more. It’s very humbling. Thank you.

Alright, now on to the reason we are here today. If you are a regular reader then you probably know that a great deal of my time is spent searching the internet for information regarding electronic cigarettes. It’s by doing these searches that I learn about new studies and research as well as about what regulatory agencies like the FDA are doing. These search also lead to some rather odd headlines and mishaps regarding e-cigarettes and vapor products.

Today we are going to look at some of the more odd things that come from my searching around the internet. So without further ado let’s talk about things I find on the internet that make me go hmmmm?

Up first is this blog post that has a rather catchy heading:

“How to Know if You’re Going to Blow Up While Vaping”

Maybe it’s just me but if whatever type of vape or e-cigarette you are using needs a guide to help you “know if you’re going to blow up” then maybe you should rethink your brand?!?!

As for the blog post itself, it’s great and includes 10 separate ways you can tell if you are going to blow up. They include great ones like if “You are sub-ohming without checking your coils using a multi-meter” and “You are sub-ohming with a hybrid mechanical mod”

I am not sure what a multi-meter is but if you are using the kind of devices that blow up, perhaps you should have one?  Myself I think I will stick to simpler things.

A couple of side notes to the obvious reasons this headline was picked for today’s post….

This ad was directly below the How to tell if you are going to blow up while vaping listing on google. Coincidence I am sure….


And the second side note is directly below that add I found this page from the FDA

Tips to Help Avoid “Vape” Battery Explosions

Which shows this image:



Our second contributor today is this guy ⇓ ⇓ ⇓

Before we get started I would like to say DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. What you are about to hear is about as stupid as it gets folks and I don’t even feel bad for pointing at this guy while I say it. So what did this dude do that has me typing in caps and all but calling him names?

To start that tale I need you to understand what a Carolina Reaper Pepper is.

Okay so now that we know what this little guy is, only the HOTTEST pepper in the world, you guys will understand why the CAPS when I tell you that this genius thought it would be a great idea to take the HOTTEST pepper in the world and put it in a vapor device. …

….I will let that sink in….

Yes, I did in fact just say he vaped the worlds hottest pepper….. Watch below, but keep any kids out of the room, no need to give them freaking stupid and dangerous ideas.

I do not know what that will do to his lungs, I can NOT imagine it would be good though. Just the flavor Cinnamon is horrible for reasons of burns and irritations to the lungs, this is like a million times that. All I can do is shake my head and go hmmmm???

Third in line is this headline:

People Caught Vaping While Driving Could Lose Their Licence

Keep your head out of the clouds warns local police!

I saw this and was like what? When? Who? So I went to researching and found that it originates from the UK. Even that seemed wrong though so I was not surprised as I read the article that it’s kind of a misleading headline…but not completely misleading. Here is a quote:

“In the United Kingdom, police are warning drivers to beware of vaping while driving as it can cause a distraction and a potential fatality. While it is not illegal to use a vape while operating a vehicle, police are warning drivers to be careful while vaping inside a car since the big clouds could potentially obscure vision.”

I could not help but laugh a little here. I have always said I do not want a huge cloud with my device. For many reasons, now I have another. LOL Hmmm…..

Our next contributor is not one that makes me laugh, not at all. *Takes out the soapbox and climbs on* Vapes, e-cigarettes, and ANY other nicotine delivery system is BAD for our kids. These things are addictive and addiction is a horrible thing to wish upon ANYONE let alone our kiddos. I feel so strongly about this that it is nearly a Mantra in my life. I talk this talk and I walk the walk. We don’t even market to kids with cool looking ANYTHING. Plain blue/grey packaging with words, no big devices, and very few flavors, all to keep kids from thinking we are cool in any way.

So imagine my absolute outrage when I came to this image on FB:

What awful idea! So as soon as I saw this I had to find out if it was real. Please, I prayed let this be some stupid internet joke. I know that it would not be a good joke and in fact, it is something that should not even be joked about…The very fact that someone had the idea joke or not is disgusting to me.

So is it an internet hoax or is it a real toy? Well according to Snoops.Com:

This is Not a real product and is actually an internet hoax.


Thank goodness! Still horrible that it was something people thought to joke about but a small victory for humankind that no one is trying to market it…yet. Kinda makes ya go Hmmm doesn’t it.

Our last headline is by far the most important one we will go over today. This headline has a lot to say, but if we look at the article what Does it have to say.  Hmm?

The headline: (Click it to get to the article I am talking about if you would like, I did not source the others above because I didn’t think they were things you would all want to go look at, if I was wrong then let me know which one and I will get the source to you. ) 

E-Cigarettes Found To Have 10 times More Cancer Causing Ingredients Than Regular Cigarettes

WHAT?@?@ I had better get to researching. So I open it up and look for sources. They have one, this is a screen snip of it:


So I followed it, which leads to this article:

Japan to investigate e-cigarette safety after formaldehyde findings

Which mostly talks about an upcoming study but does mention one study that had some negative findings. Not findings about Cancer or 10 times anything, but findings. It then sourced that study like this:


Okay well, it’s not saying 10 times anything but let’s see what this study says. I click on the link to find this page:

Here is a screenshot:

It’s blank. Well, kinda blank it has a crap ton of advertisements on there but nothing about a study.

So to recap, we went from E-cigs are 10 times more carcinogenic than cigarettes to e-cigarettes create formaldehyde to a blank page about nothing……Hmmm….

It is interesting to note that one of the only sources they appear to link to correctly is an article that was written about how bad the science behind the formaldehyde study was. It’s towards the bottom of the page. Might be because its hard to link to stuff that does not exist? …..and another hmmm.

Well, there you have it, a few of the things I have found on the internet about e-cigarettes and vapors that makes me go Hmmm. If you come across any interesting, fun or even upsetting information that you think I can use here please share it with me on our FB Page. Also if you have any questions or thoughts feel free to ask here in a comment or on our FB page. I watch the messages quite often and will get back to you ASAP. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop in today. Like I said at the beginning of this post, you are appreciated.





9 thoughts on “Things that make me go Hmmmm?”

  1. There are people out there that I just don’t understand. To try things you know you shouldn’t makes me say hmmm then I think crazy. Thanks for giving us some more information and things to look into. Great as always

  2. No worries I WILL NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!! I was always taught to never make fun of anyone but….Dawn you are right about researching all of the outrageous stories we read about e-cigs.Thanks for all the research you continue to do.

  3. “Studies” like that are so frustrating. One of the first things we learned about researching in school is to use reputable sources and one of the easiest ways to spot a bad source is if they have ads in their article. They’re making people panic for no reason.

  4. There are always those who insist upon repeatedly exhibiting their best qualities, as a reminder to us all, lest we forget “that which we should not become.”

    Let’s not forget those who relish “special effects” and love to vanish behind a cloud of smoke, as opposed to enjoying a relaxing puff on a quality e-cigarette. Maybe they watch so many movies that they think they’re in one.

    People will always jump from buildings naked only to see who reaches bottom first.

    Larch, Lansing
    (Slim’s not here so he’s off the hook on this one)

  5. Thanks you taking the time to look in the crazy ways they like to put headlins out. That don’t have anything to back them up.

  6. Thank you Dawn! This blog was crazy good! As much as it irritates me sometimes, we have to be aware of the ‘crazies,’ so we can properly refute and set our customers at ease. -Sue

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