WHAT?!?! Another reason to be glad that we live in the USA.

Hey, guys Dawn here again. Thank you for stopping in today! You freaking rock!

As I look out the big glass windows here at the Muskegon A Clean Cigarette location I can see all types of personal liberties being enjoyed. A man pumping gas with his music up loud, an older lady making her way to the bus stop, a grocery bag attached to her walker. I can see kids tossing snow at each other in the yard of an apartment right behind us, a snowman with a bright orange scarf nearby. There are cars whizzing past on Apple Avenue, occasionally a horn hongs when a driver pauses too long after the lights turn green. Across the way, a gentleman is walking out of Happy’s Pizza in a hurry to get to his car and out of the cold winter air. People are living and enjoying the personal liberties we have here in the USA most of us not even realizing that something as simple as ordering a pizza, is a privilege and a liberty. In fact, just me sitting here puffing on my A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarette while staring out this giant picture window, is a liberty.

But I am here in the USA, so personal liberties are a given. Even if our laws regarding electronic cigarettes and vapor products are not perfect, we have options that so many in the world do not.

Now, what if I told you that using your electronic cigarette could land you in jail for a decade?! Yes, that means 10 years of a person life locked behind bars with 0 freedom, for an electronic nicotine delivery system…

You would think me nuts, right? Possibly sharing fake news even? Well, you are unfortunately wrong. I am neither nuts nor wrong and this is sadly, not fake news. Take a look at these very unfortunate headlines: (Copy and paste any of these into your URL bar to find the stories associated with the headlines.)



“Tourists face 10 years in prison for vaping in Thailand, experts warn”

“Police deny hurting ‘net idol’ caught with e-cigarette” Bangladesh

Crazy eh? Scary too no doubt!?

So you can imagine as I am looking at all of these headlines that it made me incredibly curious. (And incredibly Thankful that I live in the USA.) When a blogger gets curious our fingers get to walking and oh boy have my fingers been busy this morning. After hours of research and information gathering, I have decided that what we need as electronic cigarette users is an easy guide to the laws regarding electronic cigarettes in all the different countries around the world, I mean it would be a crying shame for an A Clean Cigarette brand e-cigarette user to be traveling to say Brasil and not understand that the laws in Brazil are very different from our own. In Brazil possession is not necessarily illegal, but the manufacturing, advertising, or sale of vapors and e-cigarettes are absolutely banned.

How to rectify the situation? With a new page of course! Now for those of you that don’t know, a page is different than a blog post. Past blog post move down as new ones are created and eventually as a post ages it ends up falling off the main blog site and ending up in the archives. On the other hand, a page stays in the same place until it is removed. In our case, the pages are right on top of our home page in the home page menu. (Big red banner near the top!)

The title of the page I am creating is “Electronic Cigarette and Vapor Laws: A Travel Guide by Country” and it’s not an easy task to undertake. There are 195 countries in the world (Give or take one at any minute!) and each of those countries has their own way of looking at the electronic and vaping industries.

Some countries are huge supporters, they go above and beyond even supporting the industry and in fact, promote the industry. Some countries have taken a more hands-off approach. They do not have any regulations regarding e-cigarette and pretty much don’t care one way or the other about citizens using the devices. Other countries like in the case of Thailand have harsh laws against electronic cigarettes and vaping devices that include fines and even prison time depending on the situation.

Regardless of what each country decides we as electronic cigarette users need to know what we are getting into when we choose to travel outside the united states.  But I must warn you of a few things first:

  1. This is a lot of work, I will start it now (12/12/17) but the information may not be 100% complete for a while yet.
  2. Laws change! With this in mind, I will try to keep the page as up to date as possible. BUT if you are traveling outside the country please do additional research on the country you are traveling too!
  3. Countries Change too!! Whether it happens due to war or just as a political move sometimes countries are renamed, split up into different smaller countries or totally swallowed up by a bigger neighboring country. A great example of a country splitting happened with Yugoslavia: As recently as the 1990’s,  the original Yugoslavia separated into Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, and Slovenia. Fun Fact for the day: 34 new countries have been created since 1990.
  4. With the above facts in mind, just because you read the page in 2017, don’t think the info will be relevant in 2020. Check back JUST before your trip to make sure nothing has changed.
  5. I am not a geographic expert!!! I am just Dawn. If a country you are traveling to is NOT on the list for some reason, reach out to me. I will fix it right away. I want this list to be complete, but I may need your help to pull that off.

Alright, that’s about all I can say on this topic here. I will be working on the Page ASAP and I do hope that you will comment to let me know what you think of this resource. Because let’s face it, I don’t do this stuff just for me, I do it for all of my fellow smokers who have made the switch. I do it because there are 6.6 million lives at stake and we may only get one chance to write history in a way that helps every single last one of those 6.6 million moms, dad, aunts, uncles, grandpas, grandmas, sister, brothers, friends and loved ones. Someone has too, why not us?

Thank you again for stopping by this blog. Without you, I could type until my fingers bleed and it would mean nothing. Without readers who care this is just more words on the internet. Nothing more. With you this blog is a powerful tool to help us be informed and voice our thoughts on that information. With you, this tool can educate and change the hearts of people who maybe want to support a smoking alternative, but are afraid. Words are powerful weapons. They are more powerful in fact then the mightiest sword, BUT only if they are heard and shared. So thank you, because of you 6.6 million humans have a little better chance of finding a light at the end of a burning tobacco tunnel. If you have questions or comments please either reach out here or on our Facebook Page. I love to hear from you and will work to get you the answers that you deserve.



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  1. God Bless the USA,I never thought about Customers going out of the Country, I will make sure they check out our blog,Thanks Dawn

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