A Clean Cigarette Electronic Cig-A-Likes: Why We Start With Our Why

Good morning (or afternoon, or evening depending on when you read this. ) Dawn here your A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarette blogger.

Right up front, I want to say thank you. I know that I say thank you a lot and I always worry that by saying it so often I will somehow cheapen the word or take the heart out of it. I sure hope that is not the case. When you see me say thank you, please know it is a true and honest thank you that holds all the weight that a word like that should hold. Every single time I say it, I really meant it. So again, Thank you. Thank You for reading this blog and Thank You for caring enough to be up to date on these products. 6.6 million lives may depend on it!

Okay let’s talk about our WHY:

We are smokers helping smokers since 2010.

Yep, that simple statement is our why. It covers every reason we do everything that we do. We do the things we do because we are smokers…Let me show you…

Why are we a Cig-A-Like? Because we are smokers who wanted a cigarette, we just did not want the stink, the tar and the ash that a dirty burning cigarette leaves behind.

Why don’t we sell tank products? This is simply because we are smokers who want to smoke cigarettes.  We were not looking for a new hobby, we have no interest in adding our own fluid and changing the coils and all the other stuff that comes with a tank model. Some people do like that, we just are not those people. We are just smokers looking for an alternative to our deadly burning tobacco. We want a cigarette, we just want a clean one.

Why do we stand behind our products? We stand behind our products with 100% quality guarantee because we are smokers and that’s how we want to be treated.

Why do we only hire smokers? Because only smokers can truly help smokers. We get it. We understand and we are not judging. We are smokers helping smokers, it’s just what we do.

Why do we sell these products? Because we are smokers, and we think smoker’s lives matter too. Smokers deserve options, smokers deserve a clean cigarette. You deserve a clean form of nicotine delivery.

Kinda sums it up eh? I mean our WHY is pretty simple. It’s just us, we the smokers, helping other smokers who are tired of outdated nicotine delivery systems. It IS the year 2017 and technology has come a looong way, why not have it help smokers too? That is really the whole story in a nutshell.

 Why A Clean Cigarette? Because we are smokers who are here to help smokers. If you are a smoker, you will understand how important that really is.

Thank you again for stopping in today. I appreciate you very much. If you have questions about today’s blog OR if you are interested in A Clean Cigarette brand e-cigarettes please feel free to reach out to me. You can leave a message in the comments below OR you can message me directly on Facebook OR you can visit acleancigarette.com for our customer info number. Regardless of how you choose to reach out to me, just please do, I am here to help and I want to help you.



I had the interview with this amazing woman: Shelley Irwin. I feel so very blessed to have had the opportunity to chat with her about electronic cigarettes and so much more. What an amazing lady!!


PSSSSSSST: Dawn (that’s me) will be on the radio Thursday, December, 7th 2017 at 9:30 am on the GVSU Morning show with Shelley Irwin. (So freaking excited!) It will air on our local NPR stations: 88.5 and 95.3 FM  or live streaming is available: Click HERE. Please, Let me know what you think! 😉 

6 thoughts on “A Clean Cigarette Electronic Cig-A-Likes: Why We Start With Our Why”

  1. I would be one huge mess if I had fill my cartridges! Dawn you are right about being a true smoker, I dont want to mess with gadgets to get my nicotine. Keeping it simple.

    1. Thank you! We wish! As soon as we are able to we will. Right now the laws are so uncertain as far as customs that we would not be able to guarantee the product would arrive. Even though we want to serve Canada, we can not give up our customer service and quality to do it. You deserve the best and we will always strive to give the best.

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