Do e-cigarettes really work? Let’s ask the experts!


Hey guys, it’s Dawn, your A Clean Cigarette blogger here again. Today is a great day because today we focus on answering the question on everybody’s mind about e-cigarettes…Do they really work?

As a paid representative of A Clean Cigarette, I can NOT say that E-cigarettes will help you quit smoking…but I CAN report on what the experts say, so first let’s take a look at the 2 most recent study regarding e-cigarettes.

The first study:

Much like most studies that we have looked at this one, which is published by BMJ uses a lot of fancy words to say some pretty easy to understand things. Just take a look at the title:

E-cigarette use and associated changes in population smoking cessation: evidence from US current population surveys

Source: (BMJ 2017358 doi: (Published 26 July 2017)Cite this as: BMJ 2017;358:j3262)

See that’s a ton of words to say that they did a study on whether or not e-cigarettes actually help smokers quit smoking. What they found was very good news for the electronic cigarette industry, but even better news for the half a million people a year who die from burning tobacco related illness in the US alone.

A quick peek at the talking points of this study:

  • Over 160,000 People Surveyed (So they can not say that this study does not have enough participants!)
  •  Quote: “E-cigarette users were more likely than non-users to attempt to quit smoking”
  • Men are more likely to try e-cigarettes than women
  • Quote: “The substantial increase in e-cigarette use among US adult smokers was associated with a statistically significant increase in the smoking cessation rate at the population level.” (Again a ton of words to say that as e-cigarette use goes up, burning tobacco use appears to go down. I have to force myself not to roll my eyes on this “discovery”….. Seems like we should have drawn this conclusion before now. Just saying. )
  • Quote: “These findings need to be weighed carefully in regulatory policy making regarding e-cigarettes and in planning tobacco control interventions.” (YES they should!!)

See, I told ya it was a good one. While it may be a bit late to the party, this study is certainly a welcome addition to the research regarding e-cigarettes.

The second study: 

Alright, now this study is published in a peer reviewed journal called Addictive Behaviors by Science Direct. As you can see from the title ⇓ it is a similar study to the first one we talked about.

Prevalence of population smoking cessation by electronic cigarette use status in a national sample of recent smokers

The Talking Point:
  • Quote: “Over half of daily e-cig users in the sample quit smoking in the last 5 years.”
  • Quote: “Daily e-cig users were 3 times more likely to be quit than never e-cig users.” (“Be quit” is not a typo, it’s the way the researchers had the participants categorized, IE  they could be daily users, they could be never users, or they could be quit.)
  • Quote: “Alternatively, some smokers may have quit with or without the help of e-cigarettes, and began using the devices regularly to control cravings and prevent smoking relapse.”
  • Quote: “frequent e-cigarette use may play a role in cessation.”

Lots to think about right there. I mean it is not anything that surprises most of us long term smokers who have ended up on E-Cigarettes, but it sure is nice that researchers are finally looking into it at a level that the FDA and other policy makers can use to direct electronic cigarette regulations.

Okay, so that is what the “experts” say about e-cigarettes and their ability to help smokers. The thing is though that I do not believe the researchers are the real experts in this when it comes to quitting or “switching” as we call it here at A Clean Cigarette. In fact, the only people in my opinion that can say whether these products work, are the smokers who have used them.

Now I am not saying that research is not important.  It most certainly is. In fact, when it comes to research for things such as what is in e-cigarettes and what those ingredients do when inhaling them, I think researchers and scientist are the experts that should be listened to. In those cases, I am actually excited to hear from them. All I am saying is that when it comes to kicking the burning tobacco to the curb, maybe the people who are in the battle, fighting the battle and hopefully surviving the battle are the REAL EXPERTS.

As a matter of fact, it is the belief that smokers are the experts, because it is the smokers who are in the battle and the stories they have to tell are what will win the war, that gave us the idea for our most recent videos. If you visit our Facebook page you may have seen one or more of them recently. I have posted a few, although we have a bunch more that we will be released from time to time. If you are not on our FB page and you have not had a chance to see any of them, I have great news. I am adding some to the blog. They are pretty amazing stories told by some pretty amazing smokers. Take a look for yourself:

These smokers are real hero’s telling real stories and it’s a complete honor to be a part of these amazing stories. If you have a story you would like to share with us please drop me a line! You can either email me at or you can leave a comment below or and this is a new one you can stop by our Muskegon Mi. A Clean Cigarette location to see me in person. Remeber every story is important in the fight against burning tobacco. Even if you are thinking, “Ya, but my story isn’t all that interesting” you’re wrong. Every story, so long as it is a real account of the truth, is important to the war against burning tobacco.  You can never tell which story that another smoker may relate to. Your story could be THE story that makes the difference in the life of a fellow smoker. And contrary to what public opinion seems to think about us, smokers deserve real options.

Until next time thank you for visiting and I hope you will stop back very soon. I will leave the Coffee on.



PS: To find out more about A Clean Cigarette don’t forget to check out our website!, Just remember, if you are a never smoker, never start on an e-cigarette. Not even A Clean Cigarette brand e-cigarettes. E-Cigs contain nicotine, nicotine is an addictive substance. You can get hooked, and hooked on nicotine is never a good thing.



5 thoughts on “Do e-cigarettes really work? Let’s ask the experts!”

  1. Dawn, I have had several Customers that quit and came in because of that urge…It is great when they come back and tell us this product has kept them away from burning tobacco.

  2. Dawn, you are absolutely right !Smokers who have made the switch are always offering tips to people who are new to making the switch.Smokers are the experts!

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