Wait! The fight for the small guy in the E-Cigarette industry is not over yet


Hey guys Dawn here. Thanks for stopping by and a huge thank you for the amazing readers who have been sharing and commenting. It is truly appreciated on a bunch of levels. Not only does it help spread the word about the electronic cigarette industry’s potential benefits to burning tobacco smokers, it also helps raise awareness about the hurdles that this industry is facing.

I have talked about those hurdles a lot in past blogs so I won’t rehash each of them. However, as some of you probably know the FDA Deeming Rule, which is arguably the largest industry wide road block to date, recently hit the news in a big way. In fact, when the FDA announced that not only was it extending the deadline to submit the Premarket Tobacco Applications that the deeming rule required, it would also be looking at e-cigarettes for possible tobacco harm reduction reasons. The media suddenly blew up with articles like this one by ABC News:

E-cigarettes may help smokers quit after all.

Or this one by The Washington Examiner:

Evidence over prejudice: Ending the hysteria

It’s not hard to see why all of the sudden change of heart either.  The 14-page document recently released by the FDA which is entitled “Extension of Certain Tobacco Product Compliance Deadlines Related to the Final Deeming Rule: Guidance for Industry (Revised)*” completely flipped the script by extending the date for four years. On top of that, the FDA has stated that E-Cigarettes may infact be a good idea in the fight for tobacco harm reduction. Seems like a huge win right?

Well, yes it’s a huge win to the battle but lets not loose sight of the whole war here. While the FDA announcement did great things in the short run it still leaves the industry with outrageous PMTA costs and regulations created for burning tobacco in place, they are just further out now.

The reason I feel this needs to be said when everyone is celebrating is that it’s all the informing, sharing and educating that is what has pushed this industry forward so far, and we need to keep pushing. We need to push until the FDA creates common sense regulations and standards specific to THIS product. Notice I did not say that the FDA should not set regulations and standards.

Standards and regulations on industries are in place to keep consumers safe. As a consumer myself, I know I am thankful for the health codes and other regulations that help ensure that the products I buy are safe and made in sterile environments. So, of course, I think that the electronic cigarette industry needs to have rules, but those rules need to make sense. Being forced to label a Lithium Ion battery as a tobacco product, but NOT being required to warn about the possible dangers of those same batteries, is just plain ridiculous. Just like having to charge people to try a product in an effort to get them matched up with the right tobacco flavor and right nicotine level before they spend their hard earned money on it, seems absurd to say the least.  Regulations and standards, Yes. Under the same regulations as a product that is nothing like ours and does nothing but protect big tobacco from competition, no thanks, even four years from now. 

So as we all celebrate the win (and we should be) let’s keep the big picture in mind and keep sharing, informing clicking and educating while we keep an eye on the new administration’s approach to regulating e-cigarettes and vapor products.  In the mean time if you have questions or ideas for me here at the A Clean Cigarette blog drop me a line at AccAnswers@gmail.com and if you want more information on A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes feel free to stop by our website for locations near you as well as an online store. 🙂 Have a great day and thank you again!






9 thoughts on “Wait! The fight for the small guy in the E-Cigarette industry is not over yet”

  1. Thanks for the good info Dawn, this is indeed a step in the right direction. It’s exciting to see progress being made, much more work to be done though!

  2. Awesome Job Dawn! Thanks for the info, we deff need to keep pushing the information we know! 8) – Corey

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