A Peek Inside the 2017 E-cigarette Summit: Part II

Hi, all Dawn here! Thanks for checking out this blog. It is truly appreciated. It is imperative to this industry that we get as much information about these products out to as many people as possible. That is one of the main reasons that I was so very excited to have the opportunity to represent A Clean Cigarette and all of our amazing customers and team members at the 2017 e-cigarette summit in Washington DC.

The thing with the summit though is there is a TON to it! In fact, there was so much going on with this event that I have chosen to do a series of blog post about it in parts. If you have not gotten to see part I yet, just click HERE.

So let’s get started on Part II of:

A peek inside the 2017 E-cigarette summit!

As promised today we are going to be looking at a couple of the speakers who attended this summit.  Some of the speakers were critics and some were advocates. We will take a small peek into each of them over then next few weeks and hopefully learn something from each of these points of view.

Before we get started I think it is really important to give a shout out to the hero that made this whole thing happen. This young lady went above and beyond to help this industry. Having met her I can tell you she is a ray of sunshine and a truly heroic soul. The work she has done to make this summit happen may, in fact, be a huge step in the direction of saving over a billion lives this century and she is appreciated for it!

Introducing Ms. Amanda Strange of Smooth Events:

I totally had to take a picture of the e-cigarette summit program to get this image. Not only is she heroic, she is humble too!!

Thanks to her hard work and dedication this whole thing happened, so from A Clean Cigarette and every one of the smokers who’s lives have been affected by electronic cigarettes… Thank you, Amanda, Thank you very much!

Prof Thomas J. Glynn, PhD
Consulting Professor and cancer research advisor.

The next person who deserves to be recognized is the amazing man who hosted and chaired this event, Prof. Thomas J. Glynn of the Stanford Prevention Research Center. He did a great job keeping us all on target and on time. Which I can tell you was no easy feat! Keeping 20+ great minds and an invigorated audience to a timetable is nearly a miracle, but he did it! His dedication to getting us as much information as possible in the allotted time was very evident and very appreciated. So thank you, Prof. Glynn, without you this would not have run as smoothly as it did!  (You can catch a short interview with Prof. Glynn that I was able to do live from the event on our FB page click HERE to see it for yourself :))

The truth is every speaker who showed up had valuable insight to share and we the audience had a lot of questions to ask. So let’s move on to the first of our speakers.

Prof Kenneth E. Warner
Avedis Donabedian Distinguished University Professor of Public Health @ the University of Michigan

The first speaker up comes from our own home state of Michigan! Prof. Kenneth E.Warner a distinguished Professor of public health management and policy at the University of Michigan has an extensive history in regards the study of tobacco and cancer prevention. His experience and heart were awe-inspiring additions to the opening statements of the 2017 summit. Put simply, I can not think of a better start out to an amazing day.

As an economist, Prof. Warner is able to look at the available evidence and create a detailed and common sense filled presentation in regards to the public health impact that Electronic cigarette industry truly set the stage for the rest of the event.

He started out by dividing the electronic cigarette issue into 2 camps. The e-cigarette enthusiasts and the e-cigarette skeptics.

E-Cigarette Skeptics: Argue that protecting kids from the possibility that electronic cigarette could be a gateway product that leads the next generation back into smoking and nicotine addiction is the most important. Prof. Warner also noted that skeptics believe that e-cigarettes are not actually able to help people quit smoking and regulations regarding e-cigarettes should be strict and place them in the same category as burning tobacco. In addition, many skeptics do not buy into the school of thought that electronic cigarettes are safer than burning tobacco. They sight things such as the ingredients in flavorings and non-standard dosage of nicotine as some of the largest health risk involved with e-cigarettes. although they all have to admit that e-cigarettes do not produce the tar and smoke that burning tobacco does. They also have to agree that burning tobacco is the deadliest consumer product in human history. Skeptics tend to lean towards heavy institutionalization of the regulations around e-cigarettes.

US Regulatory Officials appear to fall into the e-cigarette skeptic category, according to Prof. Warner.

E-Cigarette Enthusiast: Believe that while it is vital to protect our youth from the dangers of nicotine addiction, it is just as important to save the over 6 million people a year worldwide who die from burning tobacco-related illness. A vast array of evidence both from clinical sources and government sources exist, according to the enthusiast, that supports the belief that e-cigarettes are in fact upwards of 95% less harmful than smoking burning tobacco. They also believe that E-cigarettes DO help people quit smoking and point to the abundance of smoker testimonies and observational based evidence to support these beliefs.  Enthusiast tend to be more interested in working towards solutions to the issues that revolve around the electronic cigarette industry then do skeptics.

UK Regulatory Officials appear to fall into the E-cigarette enthusiast category, according to Prof. Warner.

Prof. Warner then went on to show hard number facts about a few of these issues.One such issue that he touched on the hardest is that if we take JUST the numbers of both the adult lives that could be saved and the numbers of the youth that may become addicted to nicotine via the use of electronic cigarettes over the next five years, it would work out to be something like 1,332,905 Million lives saved vs. around 88,413possible loss.

Pause and think about that: Mind blowing eh?

Take a risk at 1.3 Mill Gain at the risk of an 88K loss.

He also pointed out that the 88K loss would only be a loss IF e-cigarettes truly turned out to be the “gateway” product that the skeptics believe it to be.  Which according to some of the evidence he presented at the summit is a far fetched idea. Some kids are just risk takers and rebels regardless of what products are available on the market and will find themselves experimenting with addictive substances organically and that studies show that way fewer children who try e-cigarettes stay on e-cigarettes for long than those who try burning tobacco and end up life long smokers.

Prof. Warner also disputed the skeptic claim that electronic cigarettes do not help smokers quit smoking by pointing out the fact that e-cigarettes exploded onto the US market in 2012 and 2013. According to the Professor “The size of the decrease in smoking from 2013 to 2014 is unprecedented.” It does not appear that he thinks that fact is just a coincidence.

In regards to this information, Prof. Warner stated:  “I don’t know how you could look at this data and not feel encouraged!”

For my part, I would like to say: Thank you, Prof. Kenneth Warner, for your part at this summit. While you shared way more information then I have room to share here today, your contribution to this industry should go down in history as a huge step in the direction of saving millions if not billions of lives! Thank you. (Also I look forward to our lunch we talked about!)

Well, this blog has officially crossed the 1300 word point. While I could go on forever about this summit and the information it provided, I will show mercy and conclude part II of this great series. Please check back often for information on all of the speakers who attended the 2017 US E-Cigarette Summit. We will be doing a write up on each and everyone. Regardless of their skeptic, or enthusiast, point of views.

If you have any thoughts or questions on the three people we talked about here today, please drop me a line to AccAnswers@gmail.com. I will do my level best to get back ahold of you ASAP. Have a great day!



  1. If anyone would have told me I could be burning tobacco free after smoking 42 years I would not have believed them,well almost 4 years ago Angie introduced me to ACLEANCIGARETTE and I have not touched burning tobacco since that day.I have so many reasons to be thankful for an e-cig.I know without my cleancigarette I would still be burning nasty burning tobacco.I appreciate the updates on this blog.

  2. Great job again, Dawn. Thank you for including both skeptics and advocates.When people read this they will see that we do what we do for all the right reasons.When customers and newbies visit our store, we always direct them to the blog.We want them to be able to put to rest the doubts their friends and family have about our product.

  3. Thanks for the great info dawn. Good to see that there are lots of new development happening in the US and many high profile people backing up e cigarette and the industry.

    What you have said in “E-Cigarette Enthusiast” section is pretty compelling argument, but its impossible to convince those who are determined to always oppose e-cigarette industry no matter what.

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