A Peek Inside the 2017 E-Cigarette Summit: Part I

A peek inside the E-Cigarette Summit 2017!

Hey guys:) Dawn here and before we start let me thank everyone who stops by this blog. You guys are the best and truly appreciated. Please remember, that this blog is written by A Clean Cigarette and is only intended to inform you guys a little bit of what was said and done at the E-cigarette Summit. Nothing reported on is intended to be a health claim. A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes are not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any health conditions. The fact is, nothing you inhale besides clean air is good for you. Electronic cigarettes contain nicotine, nicotine is an addictive substance. If you have never smoked, don’t start, that includes e-cigarettes. I have always said these words to you guys, but it sure was a good thing to hear that nearly everyone at this Summit believes the same thing.  In fact, there were a few things everyone seemed to agree with:

  1. Never-smokers should never start smoking or vaping.
  2. Minors should never be sold nicotine, whether delivered via burning tobacco or electronic cigarette.
  3. All smokers should quit smoking.
  4. Electronic cigarettes do not contain or produce tar.
  5. All efforts to avoid marketing to minors in any way should be made.

    Me on the plane to the Summit. Flying is not my favorite activity, but this was SOO worth it!

That all being said, let me start at the beginning. On Monday, May 8th, the Electronic Cigarette Summit’s US inaugural conference was held. This event which is presented by the Royal Society is hosted four times a year in London and it’s massive impact on the way the UK views electronic cigarettes has been a powerful force in the fight for realistic regulations for the e-cigarette and vapor industries. Its purpose is simple. To provide a space for all types of electronic cigarette and vapor information to be presented, debated and discussed by people in a productive and open-minded way. It’s massive impact on the way the UK views electronic cigarettes has been a powerful ally in the fight for realistic regulations for the industry.

In fact, the views of UK policy makers in regards to electronic cigarettes are very different from the views of US policy makers. Take a look at the table below to see a few of those differences. 

As you can see the views are pretty far apart, and these are not the only points of views that were discussed. That’s what made the Summit so amazing really. Tons of educated points of views in one place being talked about in an open way. Of course, not all of the speakers were optimistic about electronic cigarettes and their possible roles in the battle against burning tobacco. Over the next few post’s I will be going over each of the speakers and what they had to add because if I tried to talk about all 23 of them in this one post it would be a 10,000-word blog. Not sure about you, but I most likely would not make it through all of that information in one shot, even if it is a really awesome topic!

In the meantime here’s a peek at the great speakers who attended this event.

Some of these speakers were advocates for electronic cigarettes and vapors, some were opponents, all made solid points from their perspectives. For some insight on each of them click HERE. Because really isn’t that what a summit like this is all about? Great minds coming together for the better of everyone involved. How can we make the right choice if we do not see all sides of the topic? And we must make the right choice here, Millions if not Billions of lives may depend on it.

Please check back frequently over the next couple of weeks. We will go over topics that were discussed at the summit that will range from the recently introduced Hunter/Duncan Bill to the arguments on flavorings in electronic cigarettes and the impact the UK has seen since it began promoting e-cigs. I will be doing blogs as often as I can until we get through all of the information shared by each of these amazing people AND the great questions that were asked by the audience about this information.



This is the technical end of the blog.

But I have a side note: 

Myself and Dr.Konstantinos Farsalinos. What a day!

Wow! I am humbled and honored that I, little ole Dawn, was able to attend this summit. For me, this was Easter, Christmas and my Birthday all wrapped up into one. I have followed the work of many of these speakers for the last four years of my life. As professional as I tried to remain on the outside, a larger then I would like to admit part of myself, felt like a fifteen-year-old girl groupie at a boy band concert. I mean getting to shake the hand of Dr.Konstantinos Farsalinos, a man that has done so much for this industry and the millions of smokers like myself who never believed that breaking away from burning tobacco would be possible is just such a mind-blowing experience that it is hard to wrap my mind around it.

For my part, I am thankful to have learned so much in that 9 hours. I learned that others are fighting as hard as we are for this industry. I learned that the evidence that is coming in, is great news for the smokers of the world. I also learned that the opponents to this industry are working as hard to oppose us as we are working to move forward but possibly the most shocking thing I learned is…. Although scones are talked about in all my favorite books and made to sound like they are amazing, they are not all that great unless you slather them with jelly and put whatever that amazing white sauce they had set out on them. 🙂

  1. Absolutely Luv It that we can find all of the most current info right here in one spot, thanks for all you do Dawn….”It’s All That, and All That Matters!

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