Extra! Extra! Important Call To Action Regarding Electronic Cigarettes!

Wowa, it’s getting hot in the political/electronic cigarette world! Hey, Dawn here and although it’s way early to post this week’s blog, I just could not wait to get this topic on the boards!

Some of you may remember my recent post in regards to a new piece of legislation that was introduced at the federal level referred to as the Cole/Bishop Bill of 2017. If you would like to take a peek at that post click HERE. There is a lot to that bill. For today’s post, the main thing to focus on is the language in the bill that modernizes the predicate date, or ‘grandfather’ date.

To clear that up it moves the date that products had to be on the market by from 2007 to 2017. This single part of the bill would be industry saving to say the very least. Without the change to this language by 2018 an estimated 95% of the electronic cigarette industry would be dead. The worst part is that the remaining 5% would be primarily made up of Big Tobacco companies because they are the only ones that can afford the 100’s of thousands of dollars the FDA registration would cost. We have seen what happens when Big Tobacco is the ones controlling what goes into nicotine delivery systems.

If we do not learn from the past we are destined to repeat it.

Point and case: Does it really take 600 ingredients to take tobacco leaves and roll them in paper? Apparently, if you’re a big tobacco company it does.

So here is what we are asking:

After months of debating the House and Senate are both considering language in the 2017 budget from the Cole/Bishop Bill that would modernize the predicate date that was established by the Tobacco Control Act. The time to let them know you need their support is now!

We have made it as simple as possible. Click the call to action button below. It will ask you to type in your Zip Code. Once you have entered your current zip, a page will open with a ready-made sample letter and a send button that will link you with your area Representatives.

Click the button to take a stand! Make your voice count!

DO NOT SEND THE SAMPLE LETTER PROVIDED!! Please, we need your words and your stories. This letter is constructed with business owners in mind. But here at A Clean Cigarette, we believe that the customer’s voice is the strongest voice and we need YOU and your voice!

Here are some talking points to focus on in your letter:

* Modernizing the predicate date. (Grandfather Date)
* How have electronic cigarettes affected you and your family?
* Your Success story!
*Support for the Cole/Bishop Bill language being added to the final budget that is being passed by the House and the Senate this month.

This is the chance to really make our voices heard. Now is the time to protect our electronic cigarette rights and stop big government from handing this industry to big tobacco.  It should take under 5 minutes for most people. All we ask is that you be honest and straight forward with your thoughts. Remember they will get a lot of letters, so while it is important to make all your points, keep it as short and simple as possible.
Thank you so much to each and every person that clicks the call to action. Be sure to share this information around to EVERY person that has interest in helping to defend the electronic cigarette. Whether they are a part of the A Clean Cigarette community or not. Every voice is going to be needed in this battle.
Please stay tuned for updates on this we will bring updates as they happen!

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