Fun, interesting, crazy and relevant e-cigarette quotes!

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Fun, interesting, crazy and relevant e-cig quotes!

Here is a collection of great electronic cigarette related quotes that I have come across in my nearly 2 years of doing the A Clean Cigarette blog. Some of them are fun, some facts, and some just interesting…….Enjoy!


Disclaimer: These are quotes from outside sources. These are not A Clean Cigarette claims. Electronic cigarettes contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive substance. Never smokers should never use electronic cigarettes


Dr. J, Nitzkin, AAPHP

“If we could get all tobacco smokers to switch from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes,  we would eventually reduce the US Death toll from more than 400,000 a year to less than 4000, maybe as low as 400!”

Dr. K, Farsalinos

“You should fight for your lives and your health. It is absolutely irresponsible and dangerous to ban e-cigarettes.

“Electronic cigarettes are a revolutionary product in tobacco harm reduction”

“Due to their unique characteristics, electronic cigarettes represent a historical opportunity to save millions of lives and significantly reduce the burden of smoking-related diseases worldwide.”

The Lung Association of British Colombia

   “For more information on lung cancer, keep smoking!”

Dr. Carl Phillips

“Switching is so close (to) as good as quitting that from a health point of view there is no point in worrying about the difference.”

“Three months of additional smoking poses a greater risk to someone’s health, on average, than a lifetime of using a low-risk alternative.”

Prof. M Siegel 

“Determining that a tobacco-free nicotine-delivering product is safer than a product that delivers nicotine with thousands of tobacco smoke constituents is a fact of basic science, and anyone who challenges such a notion would probably benefit from a remedial course in basic sciences.”

“Electronic cigarettes are a potential lifeboat. No, they have not been tested and approved by the FDA. But if you were in a sinking ship would you remain on the ship because the lifeboats had not been FDA tested and approved?”

R. West

“Some public health experts have expressed concern that widespread use of e-cigarettes could ‘re-normalise’ smoking. However, we are tracking this very closely and see no evidence of it. Smoking rates are declining, quitting rates are increasing and regular e-cigarette use among never-smokers is negligible.”

Mitchelle Zeller, director of the FDA’s center for tobacco products. 

“It’s not the nicotine that kills half of all long-term smokers, it’s the delivery mechanism.”

Public Health England

“There has been an overall shift towards the inaccurate perception of e-cigs being as harmful as cigarettes over the last year in contrast to the current expert expert estimate that using e-cigs is around 95% safer than smoking.”

“We all agree that e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful than smoking. One in two lifelong smokers dies from their addiction.”

David Sweanor (Former Advisor to WHO (World Health Organization) on Tobacco Control

“Safe doesn’t exist. But electronic cigarettes are low risk compared to regular cigarettes. It’s the equivalent if having a four-wheel-drive volvo to a high-powered motorcycle with bald tires in an ice storm.”

“Rather than the unattainable standard of ‘safe’, we should be thinking in terms of ‘safer’.  Despite the risks associated with soccer, I would for instance, prefer my children play soccer rather than with live grenades.”

“E-Cigarettes are exactly what the tobacco companies have been afraid all these years’, A Tobacco-Free cigarette alternative.”

Bill Godshall

“It’s pretty clear to me that e-cigarettes have helped more people quit smoking than the 2009 Tobacco Control Act, all the FDA-approved smoking cessation drugs and all the government anti-tobacco propaganda programs combined.”


Well, that’s all the quotes for now, but in keeping with the topic, I thought that I would toss a meme slide show in here. ⇓ 🙂


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I truly hope these quotes are helpful, if you have come across any great quotes, please feel free to share them in the comments below!  Visit for more information on A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes.



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