An electronic cigarette problem worth having.

Have you ever just sat and stared at a blank screen, hoping that magically something informative and important will appear on that screen? Trusting that the right topic will raise to the top and help you create, a hopefully great, but at least a reasonable blog post?

That is exactly where I find myself today. Sitting here wondering what topic will be the best topic to chat about with amazing readers like you. Whether you have read this blog before or not, I am sure you can imagine that coming up for content for a blog every week, week in and week out, every year could be a task.

The thing is I was well aware of that fact when I took on this job. I assumed that there would be many times when the hardest part of the blog post’s would be the “coming up with a topic” part.  However what I was NOT ready for was the “picking which topic to talk about” problem. By that I mean it’s not a lack of topics that plagues me, it’s the too many great topics issue that makes this hard.  Bloggest everywhere just rolled their eyes at me, but its a very real problem!

Should I talk about the amazing new study out in regards to Benzene and electronic cigarettes? The study took tank units that had adaptable power settings and closed system units that do NOT have adjustable settings and found that while there is NO Benzene found in the closed unit low powered electronic cigarette devices, there was Benzene found in tank unit adjustable power vapor products.

The full study can  be found here: 55

I mean that seems like a really valuable topic, but then again maybe I should wait on that post and instead prioritize what’s going on at the Federal level with the FDA and the Trump administration.

From the sounds of everything we hear coming out of Washington, there are big changes coming to the FDA. President Trump is likely to appoint Dr. Scott Gottlieb as
the next Commissioner of the FDA. That means he will be running the place. While no one knows exactly what he will do once he gets there, many experts can agree on a few key thoughts.

1: He will most likely stream line the FDA regulations over device/drug hybrid products making it far easier for products like the Epi-Pen. 

2: He will most likely work to reduce what he believes is government over reach in regulatory affairs. While he does believe in government over sight, he seems to take a less hands-on approach to strict growth hindering regulations. 

3: He appears to want to focus on innovations and pay special attention to products such as electronic cigarettes that could use technology to improve our over-all quality and longevity of human life. 

Based on just those three talking points I could do an entire blog, maybe two. The issue is that’s not the only news coming out of D.C. So, is it the best topic to write on, or should I be talking about the Trump Administrations recent announcement that they will not be defending against some pending lawsuits against Obama Era Regulations?

Think about how relevant that is. Trump is choosing to allow some suits that have been laid against regulatory agencies such as the EPA or in our case, the FDA to go undefended. If they are not defended against the lawsuit will be won by default. Could that happen in the case of some of the lawsuits that electronic cigarette and vapor companies have brought against the FDA?  Could it mean an entire over-hall of the FDA document and what will that mean for the newest Cole-Bishop Amendment? (Read about the Cole-Bishop Amendment here)

On the other hand, I could talk about the fact that in one of those very lawsuits just this month there was what appeared to be a major break through, at least in the flavors department.

According to

“TFN synthetic Nicotine manufactured by Next Generation Labs has been hoping to be excluded from regulation by the harsh restrictions installed by the FDA. Considering this, it seems that some recent statements made by the FDA attorneys during the Nicopure lawsuit may very well be interpreted as claiming nicotine-free liquids are not required to follow regulatory procedure.”

That seems like an important topic. Could this be a sign of some common sense showing through from the FDA? I mean it’s hard to wrap my mind around how ANY nicotine derivative is considered tobacco, just because it comes from the tobacco plant, but it’s impossible to think of a nicotine free liquid as tobacco even if I squint real hard and stand on my head while looking at it.

Or do I write about the tons of additional leads and stories that have been flowing in at a steady rate? Can you see the dilemma I am in? With all these choices, what’s a girl supposed to do? I could write a 10,000 word blog, but let’s be honest how many of you have time to read a 10,000 word blog?

I guess there is good news though, I was able to get the biggest and brightest moments of all these topics into this under 1 thousand word blog, barley. LOL 🙂

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