Another Day, Another E-Cigarette Study: The evidence keeps mounting up.


QUICK DISCLAIMER: The Study information below is NOT intended to make any claims. It is intended only to inform the public about a new study released from a credible source. A Clean Cigarette does not claim to treat, cure or diagnose any medical condition. Nicotine is an addictive substance. If you are a never smoker, or a current non-nicotine user do NOT start any form of nicotine delivery. Electronic cigarettes contain inhaled nicotine. Nothing that you inhale into your lungs besides clean air is Good for you. Period.


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Hello! Dawn here again and today I am excited to say that Science has struck again! That’s right in the midst of all this political and regulatory drama, science is surging on. In spite of all the commotion, researchers from the Annals of Internal Medicine released the findings of a very interesting study that compared levels of nicotine, tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSN’s) and other toxins found in burning tobacco in four specific groups of nicotine users.

E-cigarette only users.

NRT only users. (Nicotine replacement therapies: ie patches)

Duel e-cigarette and combustible tobacco users.

Duel NRT and combustible tobacco users.

What they found does not seem surprising at all to us here at A Clean Cigarette. They claim that while the nicotine levels remained constant (duh) the levels of both TSN and other toxins are much lower when users use either NRT’s or E-cigs then if they use both.

In fact the levels of these toxins found in the bodies of NRT only users and e-cig only users were very similar. To put it clearly, if you are using a patch or an e-cigarette you are getting similar levels of toxins BUT if you add burning tobacco use to either NRT’s or e-cigarette usage,  the levels of toxins and TSN’s are greatly increased for the user.

Again, this study is not all that surprising. Why? Because we have seen the same results from multiple different studies, with multiple different methods.

In fact, two major Scientific Reviews that studied huge amounts of available information (hundreds of sources each) came to the same basic conclusion as this newly realized study.

They are:

Safety evaluation and risk assessment of electronic cigarettes as tobacco cigarette substitutes: a systematic review

E-cigarettes: an evidence update A report commissioned by   Public Health England

We have talked about them both, but if you need a refresher on each you can click the study titles or read the blog post we did on each one HERE and HERE.

If you would like more information on today’s study the abstract can be found HERE without a subscription.  The entire study is available with a subscription on that site.

So let’s re-cap

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Click the image for the abstract of this study.


There is yet another study showing promise for the electronic cigarette industry, and the 6 million smokers around the world that will die this year alone from the burning tobacco nicotine delivery system.

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