Trump? Electronic Cigarettes? FDA Regulations? What does it all mean? What do we know so far?

Finding the factsHello all!

First, let me thank you for taking the time to click on this blog post. When over a year and a half ago I was asked to start this blog I had no idea what I was doing. To be fair I still barely know what I am doing most of the time. But I try lol! In that time we have covered a variety of topics. All of which, in one way or another, having to do with electronic cigarettes and making the switch. A lot has changed in this industry in the last year and a half, and with the recent election, more is about to change.

Keeping in mind that the recent election was, and is a highly controversial topic, we at A Clean Cigarette are not going to take a position on who should have or who should not have, won this election. We are a diverse family of over 50 individuals who all have our own points of views on this issue. As a matter of fact, the only real thing we all have in common in life is that we are all smokers who have made the switch to A Clean Cigarette. It’s our one unifying shared interest. The battle against burning tobacco.

All that being said, whether you love him or hate him, Donald Trump is about to be the President of the United States. The jury is out on what this means for our country, but what does it all mean for this industry? In an effort to decode the small amounts of available information available on this topic I set my sights on the internet and did a bit of research.

Here is what we know so far:

  • Trump has vowed to remove many of the regulation placed on a variety of industries by regulatory authorities such as the EPA and the FDA. He has spoken out in many places in regards to what he considers the over-reach of government regulations in regards to manufacturing and business in America.


  • U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows, who is the incoming chairman of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, met with President-elect Donald Trump and submitted a list of 232 items that could be repealed immediately after Trump’s Jan. 20 inauguration. The Recent FDA regulations did make this list. Whether Trump will act on this advice is unclear.


  • Peter Thiel, a billionaire who actively supports Trump and appears to have Trump’s ear, once invested in Enjoy before their recent bankruptcy. This e-cig advocate could help educate the President-Elect about the benefits of e-cigs. only time will tell.


  • Mike Pence, who is Trumps running partner and our future Vice President of the United States has made comments in regards to tobacco and has huge ties with big tobacco lobbyist. Since tobacco companies are now investing heavily into electronic cigarettes, especially cig-a-likes, this could be the one time being lumped in with tobacco could help this industry.


  • One report handed to Trump for his review which is titled “First 100 Days: Rules, Regulations and Executive Orders to Examine, Revoke and Issue” recommends that Trump strip the FDA from of all authority in regards to tobacco products of any types.


I know it’s not much, but it does look promising for the electronic cigarette industry as far as the recent regulations are concerned. Of course, as with anything reported about what Trump intends to do as President, it’s just a guess. There is no way for us to know what he is going to do on any topic.

At this point, I and most of this industry are just holding our breaths to see how things work out. Keep an eye out here on this blog for information as it becomes available. Keep in mind though that unlike some information sources, I do not comment until I have enough information to be useful. That is why the first comments that have been made in regards to Trump’s election are here just over a month after the election. Before now the information we had was just not enough to waste your time with. But as soon as we have solid information, we will share it with you. Thank you again for stopping by and don’t forget to visit for your electronic cigarette needs.



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