The Twelve Days of Switching; An Electronic Cigarette, Christmas Carol


Hello! Dawn here and tis the season for all things Christmas and Holliday themed! With that in mind we have come up with the A Clean Cigarettes 12 days of Making the switch blog.

Let me explain what I mean lol.

Those of us who have made the switch understand that a lot happens in the first 12 days of making the switch. Some good, some not so good things take place. In an effort to help people make the switch in the easiest possible way, we will talk about those changes and the time line in which they happen, here today.  Keep in mind these are generalizations, every smoker is different,

Let’s get started:

On the First Day of Switching:

  • You may find yourself instinctively reaching for your lighter: Do Not accidently light the tip of your new A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarette. We know it feels, looks and taste like burning tobacco, but trust us when we say there is no need to lite it up like burning tobacco! 😉
  • You may still crave the nutmeg, chocolate and other slightly addictive additives found in burning tobacco. Most of those things are there to make you think you NEED a burning tobacco cigarette. The good news is they are not the same kind of addicting that nicotine is and you could find yourself preferring A Clean Cigarette over the taste and feel of burning tobacco almost right away.

On the 2nd and 3rd days of Switching:

  • You may start to cough a lot. I mean a whole lot! Congratulations this is a good thing and it will end. Rule of thumb on this one is if it took you 30+ years to get all that tar in your lungs, then it’s going to take some time to work it out of your lungs. A Clean Cigarette does NOT clean your lungs, your lungs clean themselves once you stop putting tar in them. The coughing may start in the first 3 days but it will not end here. Give it time.
  • You may have a sore throat. Mostly from the coughing but also for another very important reason. When you smoked burning tobacco, every time you took a hit your body went into fight or flight mode. One of the tools our bodies have to defend against the damage done by burning tobacco to the mouth, is producing excessive saliva and phlegm to protect the delicate oral cells from tar. When you puff on an A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarette your body does not go into this protective saliva producing mode. The best weapon we have is to stay hydrated. The good news is drinking water is really good for you! Getting healthy by drinking more water is not such a bad thing right!?!? * On a side note keep in mind that burning tobacco contains ingredients intended to desensitize our throats and mouths. They have to include these ingredients in order for consumers to smoke as much as they do. Without them, we would hack even more than we already hack while smoking. A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes contain no additives designed to sooth the throat. Hydration is key here too!

On the 4th, 5th , 6th   days of Switching:

  • You may start tasting things a little differently than you have in a long time. This is both good and bad. Like spicy things now? They may be too intense soon. As taste buds heal and as the tar resins begin leaving the oral cavity you could discover you really like foods you thought were bland before and that strong taste and spices are not as necessary as they once were.
  • Your cough may get more intense and you may start hacking up phlegm that has black flecks in it. This is tar working it’s way out of your lings. Again this is NOT because you use A Clean Cigarette, it is because you are NOT smoking burning tobacco. Good news is that it’s coming out, tar never belonged in our lungs in the first place!

On the 7th 8th and 9th day of Switching:

  • Things may start to get interesting now. Much like your taste buds the rest of your body is starting to make adjustments to it’s new found lack of tar. It’s about this time of the switch that our noses catch up with our taste buds. Although this may be a case of which comes first the chicken, or the egg. Does your smell start coming back helping you taste? Or, your taste start coming back helping your sense of smell? I would not begin to claim I can answer this, but who cares really? Better tasting food is a good thing regardless! *On another side note: be real careful with your new and improved sniffer, there are things in this world you DO NOT want to smell!!

    Now it’s common knowledge that when you step away from burning tobacco your sense of smell improves. While that may sound like a good side effect, many of our customers just do not agree. There are some things in this world you DO NOT want to smell! Some of our customer’s stories are hilarious!
    Now it’s common knowledge that when you step away from burning tobacco your sense of smell improves. While that may sound like a good side effect, many of our customers just do not agree. There are some things in this world you DO NOT want to smell! Some of our customer’s stories are hilarious!
  • You may find yourself not short of breath like you were when you smoked burning tobacco. Again Not because A Clean Cigarette is healing you in any way, but because when you are no longer puffing on a burning tobacco, tar ridden, COPD creating, Carbon Monoxide producing cancer stick, you may just start to breathe easier. Go figure right?

On the 10th and 11th day of Switching:

  • Chances are you’re feeling an increase of energy and motivation! Congrats! Burning tobacco contains over 600 ingredients and produces somewhere between 4000 and 7000 chemicals once it is lit on fire. The vast amount of those are no longer entering your body. The benefits of NOT smoking burning tobacco starts to real shine about now.
  • Most of us still have a cough at this point, but it is way less in most cases. Keep in mind that how hard you cough and for how long is a person by person circumstance. Regardless of your situation hydration is still the key here.

On the 12th day of Switching:

  • First off, way to go! Throw away the ashtrays! (or make crafts out of them like these HERE) Clean the Tar off the walls! (for tips on how to do that click HERE)
  • Many customers and team members say that it’s about the 12th day that the switch is complete. Ingredients like nutmeg and chocolate no longer call you back to burning tobacco and your able to enjoy your food and daily life in a whole new way.
  • Your instinct to reach for burning tobacco is replaced by an instinct to reach for your electronic cigarette.
  • Not only do you not want a burning tobacco cigarette at this point, you can probably smell a burning tobacco smoker from across the room. Yes, you smelled like that too, just 12 short days ago. Hard to believe how easy the switch really was isn’t it?!?!
  • Even the yellowing of hands and fingers are starting to fade. It only gets better from here baby!!
  • You reach for that lighter less and start calling your electronic cigarette your “nicotine” because isn’t that what we have been wanting all along. Nicotine, not tar, not 600 ingredients, not 4000-7000 chemicals; No we wanted nicotine and now we have switched to a nicotine delivery system that belongs in today’s world, not the old outdated times of the past. Most smokers find they enjoy this delivery system way better than the outdated one!

Well, I know it’s no platinum record, but I hope my rendition of the 12 days of Christmas, er I mean Switching, was helpful! Let us know how your first 12 days of switching went. Stories and tips from customers like you could help future smokers looking to switch off of burning tobacco.  If you are ready to start your 12 days of switching drop by Our new customer support portal is ready to help you get matched up with a cig-a-like electronic cigarette that is designed to mimic your current brand and nicotine level. Or better yet stop by one of our 18 Michigan store locations. We are great on-line, and even better in person! Thanks for stopping into our blog!



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