What’s going on with electronic cigarette taxes across the nation?

First an Update!

Hello! Okay so before we start on today’s topic I want to say thank you to everyone that participated in the event Hands for a Billion Lives that was recently hosted at our N.Michigan Ave. Saginaw location. Thank you so much. I know we had a very short notice on this event and we will be doing more events that will have a bit more heads up time. That is what makes the fact that we attracted Media attention is amazing and truly appreciated!!

A Special Thank You To These Amazing People:

  • Shawnee! You Rock Lady!!
  • Jesse! Thank you!
  • Trina! You are such a blessing!
  • Sue! You are a Gem!

Thank you to everyone who helped us stand up and speak up for A Billion Lives!


Alright now on to today’s topic.:)

So today, since we are talking about the billion lives movement, which is a national movement. We should take a look at some of the things that are happening across the nation in regards to electronic cigarettes. I believe that it is important that we keep a close eye on what is happening in the rest of the country, so we can help decide the best course of action here in Michigan. As they say, the best defense is a good offense!

Some of the things that are going on in some states should have many of us very afraid.  Industry ending taxes, unreasonable regulations, and usage bans are rampant. But take a look for yourself. ⇓


Vapor Products and Tax Policy


Senate committee approves bill imposing tax on E-cigarettes and E-liquids


Pennsylvania Includes Disappointing E-Cigarette Tax in Revenue Measure


Vermont House OKs 92 percent tax on e-cigarettes



UPDATE: Pennsylvania Vapor Tax Is Worse Than We Thought

The state is also going after vapers, and penalties could include prison

Alaska Bills – 100% tax on electronic smoking products


Chicago and Cook County Impose Tax on Electronic Cigarettes


California Moves Against ‘Public Threat’ Of E-Cigarettes With A Tax

Kansas e-cig tax could e-vape-orate the industry


Maine law banning electronic cigarettes in public places takes effect



Public Housing Ban on Smoking May Include E-Cigarettes



Well as you can see there is a ton going on that w need to be aware of. To make matters worse this is just the tip of the proverbial ice burg. I do my best to keep us all in the loop but if you see information out there that you think we ned to see, share it with me at AccAnswers@gmail.com. Thank you so much for coming today and check out our website at www.acleancigarette.com for more information on our premium cig-a-like electronic cigarette. Have a great day! been fine today



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