The REAL cost of smoking burning tobacco. (Updated)

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Hello again, 🙂 Dawn here, and I am glad to have you here! Thank you for checking out this blog. I try to keep it informative and entertaining. I hope you agree. 🙂 Today while surfing on the web I ran across a quit smoking campaign put together by the FDA. It’s called “The Real Cost of Smoking”, and overall it’s a really great campaign.

smoking_stains_teeth_whiteningWhat they are focusing on is the health cost. Things like premature skin aging and tooth decay.  You may have seen one of the commercials put out by this campaign. I barely watch TV, and I have. The one that sticks in my head the most is where a rather pretty short haired young lady attempts to purchase burning tobacco cigarettes from a convenience store. The money she tries to spend is not enough according to the clerk, so she tears off a part of her pretty and youthful face as payment. Gruesome, but effective!

We have talked about some of the same things in previous blog posts. The health costs are astronomical, and I can appreciate the FDA for putting together this campaign. However, while going through some of their online literature it occurred to me that a great idea for a blog would be to show the real cost of smoking in cash value, over a lifetime. So I started doing some digging. I knew the numbers would be big, but what I found is kinda shocking even to me.

the-cost-of-smokingWe have already compared the cost difference between burning cigarettes and A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes. If you are interested in seeing the complete break down Click Here. We learned on that post that with a pack and a half a day burning tobacco habit here in Michigan, it costs approximately: 45 packs x 12 months = 540 x $7.5 =  $4,050.00 per year. That’s a lot, but if we take that number and times it by an expected life span it is even greater. If you lived to be 70 and started smoking at 18 that is 52 years of smoking X $4,050.00 = $210,600.00. That is assuming the price of cigarettes never goes up, and since the average cost of burning tobacco in places like New Zealand has hit $19.00 per pack, I think it is safe to say the prices will raise. For the sake of this blog post though let’s just say $210,600.

That is a big number but not even close to the total cost of having a burning tobacco habit. Now we also have to figure in health and dental costs you may incur due to burning tobacco.  When I went looking to figure this out, I found multiple locations that gave an estimate for per day cost for a tobacco smoker as far as lifetime health care. I have settled on an average to use here. The average is $12 a day over an entire lifetime. So, to keep things simple lets use that same 52 years X $12 per day to get $227,760. This is assuming the smoker does not get any form of cancer which unfortunately happens more often than not, and when it does it raises that average per day up to nearly $35.00/day. This would raise the total to $664,300 or more. For today though, let’s just use the lowest possible figure of $227,760. 

Dental is much less on average with smokers only spending $18,000 over their lifetime unless they contract mouth or tongue cancer which the blows that number way up to between, $150,000 and $650,000, depending on the severity. To keep it simple, let’s just stick with the minimum total of $18,000.

cleanineNow we have to figure out the cost of keeping your home and possessions nice while being a smoker. If you do not smoke in your home this number will be lower. If you do though, the average cost that smokers spend to remove smoke and tar residue off walls and upholstery in their homes can be rather large. I went to a couple of cleaner rental businesses and got a quote on what it would cost to clean a home of cigarette smell and tar stains.  I know that when I was selling my home, when I smoked, this was a must. So, if the average person moves only three times in their lifetime, at a cost of nearly $1,900.00 each time they move, we are looking at $5,700.

If you have your car detailed to remove the nasty smoke smell before you sell it, and the average person gets a new car every 3 years or so, that is 17 cars in a lifetime. So, 17 X $175.00, which is the average cost to detail a car, equals $2,975.

Tar and smoke on walls and surfaces of your home can cost big $$ to clean up!
Tar on walls and other surfaces can be hard to clean up as well as costly. Clean up your habit if you want to stop cleaning that tar off the walls!

Many of the websites that I visited to do research for this blog post mentioned the loss of productivity due to smoking as a cost. At first I though,t alright but they are just trying to make the cost sound as bad as possible, but then I read on, and really they are right. The average smoker takes 80% more breaks than an average non-smoking counterpart. They also require a lot more store stops while traveling from one place to another to buy cigarettes, which costs time and money. I took the 3 most stated numbers for productivity lost at around $6.50/ per day. So, 6.5/day X 52 years = $104,390. (I am not even going to include the extra cost of spontaneous purchases for all those store stops. I know when I stopped smoking I saved a ton of cash just by not buying all the small 1-5$ items I picked up at each cigarette purchase. IE..Soda,Chips, ect…)

The last cost we will talk about is clothing, whether it is because the clothing starts to smell like smoke even after it is washed or more often the clothing ends up with a cigarette burn on it, smokers spend more on up-keeping their wardrobe than non-smokers do. According to multiple sites and documents the average smoker spends around $300.00 per year above and beyond what a non-smoker needs to spend. So, $300.00 X 52 years =  $15,600 over a single lifetime.

There may be other costs associated with smoking that I have not mentioned here, but I think we have a clear picture painted now. So let’s total up our numbers.

The cost of smoking in a lifetime (on the low end of things!):

Cigarettes = $210,600
Healthcare = $227,760.
Dental = $18,000.
Productivity/Travel = $104,390
Home cleaning = $5,700
Car detailing = $2,975
Wardrobe =$15,600
  Total = $585,025 /person /lifetime

Damn, can you imagine what you could buy for nearly $600,000 Dollars? Well in Michigan you could get all this ⇓ for $585K with about $25 dollars left to grab a bite to eat:the-cost-of-smokingSo there you have it, the cost of smoking is a completely different lifestyle for most of us. That’s huge. If you are ready to save your wallet; take the 1st step by making the switch to A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes. Nothing you inhale is good for you, but they are way cheaper than smoking deadly burning tobacco and are not lit on fire so, NO TAR!! For more information go to or you can always email me directly at I will respond, and I love to hear from you! Thank you so much for being here and letting me chat with you! You are appreciated!



UPDATE: This is a Re-Blog of a post we did in the past. Sometimes we like to re-post really useful information. I hope you find this information useful!

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  1. As a 42 year smoker I never realized how nasty my house smelled!After giving up burning cigarettes,the smell was horrible!!!Took lots of cleaning but boy was it worth it.

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