A legacy? Changing history? Dreaming? It’s all going down thanks to you and we want to record it!

CleanCigaretteLogo(13Hey there, Dawn here. First of all, I would like to give a heartfelt call out to all the blog readers I had the opportunity to meet recently at the Mount Pleasent Store. It’s a real honor when customers like you take the time to say hi to me, thank you. It’s mind blowing and humbling to me that I am a part of something as big as this. Never in my life did I think that I would be apart of something that would write history and impact lives every single day.

Today that is exactly what I would like to chat with you about.

Writing History.

When A Clean Cigarette first got started I do not think any of us knew that we would be here more than 6 years later.  But one smoker at a time we have seen something mind blowing happening. guy drawing our logo

One smoker at a time we have seen tears.

We have seen successes.

We have seen frustrations.

One smoker at a time we have seen joy.

We have seen sadness.

We have seen lives change.

We have seen deep losses and great accomplishments.

With every new switch of a smoker the journey gets bigger, the battle more real and the impact becomes more history making.

We talk often here at A Clean Cigarette about a dream that we have.  A dream about a day when there are more smokers of A Clean Cigarette than smokers of stinky dirty burning tobacco. We talk about changing the world.

And it can be done, 1 smoker at a time.

1 Smoker, 1 Switch. 

It’s not often in life when we get the opportunity to be apart of something bigger than ourselves. It’s even less often when you are joined by a whole team of people all changing history at the same time. But that’s exactly what is happening right here right now. Customers and team members alike, all on the same path, all with the same goal all changing the tides of history, 1 switch at a time. The journey has begun and the goal is set.

Now the real questions though…….

How do we show the rest of the world what is happening here?

How do we actually write history and make it accurate?

How do we KNOW that what is going on here is as big as we THINK  it is?

How do we archive this time in history?

How do we leave this legacy?

Well, we have a few ideas! We are thinking about a few options and all of them have to do with YOU. Because none of this, not a single part of it, can happen without YOU.  Whether you are a smoker who made the switch in order to upgrade your nicotine delivery OR  you switched in an effort to eventually stop your nicotine delivery YOU are where this history-changing legacy starts, and we need you more now than ever!

We want your thoughts on leaving a legacy.

What would YOU think about your name literally being written in the history books? You heard me right. What if I told you that by switching you are already a part of the A Clean Cigarette legacy? Well, you are, and we want to make a BIG deal about it!

We are not sure exactly how it is all going to work out yet, but we want to get the ball rolling so this is what we are thinking:

Gold Level Accomplishment:  Anyone who makes the switch completely off of burning tobacco qualifies.

Certificate of respect and accomplishment + a commemorative gold level coin.

A copy of the certificate eventually included in a commemorative book to be sent to Washington DC as well as to individuals of influence in the legislative and medical worlds.

Platinum level Accomplishment: Anyone who gets off of all nicotine delivery products including A Clean Cigarette qualifies.

Certificate of respect and accomplishment + a commemorative platinum level coin.

A copy of the certificate eventually included in a commemorative book to be sent to Washington DC as well as to individuals of influence in the legislative and medical worlds.

We are doing it 1 smoker at a time, but we can not do it without you!

So if you are interested in leaving a legacy and you want your voice to be one of the voices recorded as changing the world, let us know! Shout it from the rooftops! or just drop us a private message. Tell your friends and loved ones that have made the switch too. Let’s get this history writing moving! And if you see me around, stop and say hi, it’s genuinely appreciated. <3

We will have updates on this asap!!



Smokers Deserve Nicotine Options.

Every Smoker






2 thoughts on “A legacy? Changing history? Dreaming? It’s all going down thanks to you and we want to record it!”

  1. I had smoked for 18 years. I loved smoking. I hated the cost, the smell and the inconvenience, but I LOVED smoking. I tried everything to hide it from my family full of non smokers, unsuccessfully. It made me miserable and grumpy during family get togethers, I didn’t want to stay where I didn’t feel like I could smoke.
    My girls knew I smoked. They both hated it and while I am thankful they are being taught how truly bad it is, it is a real pain to be bullied by your small children.
    My car, my sweatshits, my coats, hats…everything smelled like smoke. We had started rolling our own to save money. We saved money but I was rolling mine and my husband”s each night, time consuming. If we had a busy weekend or left for the weekend we were buying cigarettes anyway. We were not saving as much as I hoped.
    One day we stopped and picked up our supplies and my husband told me he wanted to check this e cigarette place out. I was unimpressed but agreed. I had tried gas station brands before and hate them and was not impressed with the large refillable, leaking devices others used. I want something that fits in a pocket without fear of “juice” leaking out down my side.
    We went in to the store and they had large devices off behind the corner. The salesperson said they don’t sell them, those are ones people turned in. Instead she showed us what they did sell. We tried different flavors and strengths. My husband wanted to leave and talk about it. I actually liked it though, and I will admit not rolling both our cigarettes was a huge factor in deciding right away to switch.
    I don’t miss my cigarettes. I love my e cigarette. I panic if I don’t have a back up because I don’t want to buy a pack of cigarettes. I pay in the morning, I see the difference these make. I feel better, I don’t get sinus infections as bad, my allergies don’t act up as often, I don’t get bronchitis anymore. This January will be two years and I am still so happy with our last minute choice to spend money we really didn’t have at the time. Thank you A Clean Cigarette for your great product and customer service!

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