An FDA update: Why we are not okay with being deemed tobacco!


Hello all! Okay first lets start with an apology. The last couple weeks have been crazy hectic getting ready for the FDA regulations! Please forgive me for not having my blog posted more frequently!     I have tried to stay current on at least posting some videos and useful stuff to our FB but this poor blog has been neglected!!!



Thank you so much and I would love to say it will never happen again, but I can’t. Please understand that we are working very hard to get through the FDA hurtles and from time to time until we have it all worked out I may not be able to be as active here. But I promise to do my very best to let every one know as soon as I can what’s going on.

Now onto today’s topic. There is really only one thing that seems logical as a topic today:


Many of you already know, but for those of you who don’t, Monday, August 8th 2016, marked the start of the FDA regulations on the electronic cigarette/ vapor market.

While we agree with some of the regulations, such as GMP requirements (Good Manufacturing Practices) No under 18 sales, and warning labels on products containing nicotine, there are a few of them we feel go to far.

Let’s start with the most important thing:

They deemed us a tobacco product!!

It’s absurd.

Makes NO sense.

But it is the FDA and they are looking to protect us so let’s give them the benefit of the doubt before we cast judgement.

Let’s take a look at the facts. Let’s compare A Clean Cigarette to tobacco in an attempt to see what they see. Maybe there is something to this.

Okay let’s start at the What each one is:

Tobacco cigarette: Shredded bits of leaf, stem, and pulp of tobacco plant, approx 600 ingredients, a filter mostly comprised of plastic, rayon and paper, all wrapped in a flame retardant paper sheath.

A Clean Cigarette: A stainless steal case, with threads  and a plastic tip, that contains a solution made from a handful of ingredients including liquid nicotine, propalene glycol, water and attached to a Lithium Ion battery.

Hmm, I just don’t see it yet, but we have to be fair. Let’s try to look at it from a different way.  Maybe we need to look at how each product works before we can see many of the similarities.

The How:

Tobacco Cigarette: One end of the tobacco wrapped in fire resistant paper is lit on fire (resulting in the production of nearly 4000 chemicals)then rather stinky smoke carrying, nicotine and carbon monoxide are inhaled through the plastic and rayon filter through the mouth and into the lungs.

A Clean Cigarette: After the battery is charged and the nicotine solution that is enclosed in stainless steel are combined then the liquid is heated to the vapor point and delivered  through the mouth into the lungs. With out the stink.

After looking at this we can see some similarities shape, inhalation delivery, ect……. but wow, that whole not being lit on fire thing seems to be an important difference. I mean REALLY important considering the underlying cause to COPD, (which is a deadly lung disease that effects millions of Americans each year) is carbon monoxide.  Which we just determined happens with the fire and smoke delivery system vs the vapor delivery system.

It’s pretty plain to see that although A Clean Cigarette is designed to be a Cig-A-Like, and as much like the real thing as fake can be, we are very limited in our actual relationship to burning tobacco.

The fact that both products deliver nicotine is really the main if not ONLY relationship.  Most liquid nicotine is derived from tobacco, but that is true for products like nicotine gum and lozenges as well. Neither of which are “deemed” tobacco. Why? Because putting butter in a cookie does not make a cookie your daily dairy intake.

Here is the thing though, as much as we DISAGREE deeming us tobacco, we agree that regulations were and are needed for this industry.

We agree that having ingredient labels and nicotine warnings are important. It seems very logical to us that good manufacturing practices be required as well. Having this nicotine fluid produced in a clean facility is important. But when regulations get as far reaching as some of these are they get hard to wrap our brain around.

For example: Take a look at the picture below. The arrow points at one of our batteries. With the new FDA regulations we are technically required to add a warning even just the battery part that says “this product contains tobacco” (even with NO nicotine cartridge is attached)

Our batteries are lithium ion and metal with electrical components. How can a metal cylinder be made from tobacco?!?!


Let’s remember that one of the main issues with these regulation is that they call us tobacco. Tobacco is taxed different, sold different, and handled different than any other product on the market……with good reason……it kills millions of people a year world wide. It is the single deadliest thing that you can buy as a consumer and is linked to FAR more American deaths a year than AIDS, alcohol, car accidents, illegal drugs, murders and suicides combined. . So ya, heavy regulations make sense……too bad, because most cigarettes were on the market before Feb 2007 they do not have to undergo nearly as much as an electronic cigarette currently does. (if you want to read more on that date and what the grandfather date means for the electronic cigarette industry CLICK HERE.) guy drawing our logo

Yep, it is now easier to get the deadliest product on earth to the market than e-cigs. Which is a giant step back for us as consumers. If you want to say something about it to your government officials Click Here. They can only hear our voice with $$$ attached to it, but your voice counts 100 times more. I can not tell you what this product has done for me now. If I do I risk getting my company put out of business by the FDA, but your stories are powerful and your voice counts! If you have time to jot down what A Clean Cigarette has done for you please do. Every story we can share will make a difference. United we stand divided we fall.

Well for the sake of keeping things reasonable in length and keeping in mind I could type another 1000 pages in regards to this FDA stuff. And I probably will but we can spread it out across a handful of post vs all right here lol.

Thank you so much for stopping by, if you have any thoughts or questions please feel free to drop me a line at We love to hear from you and want to find you the answers that you deserve.  Thank you !!!




A Clean Cigarette products contain nicotine. Nicotine is addictive and if you do not smoke tobacco cigarette then you should never smoke nicotine filled electronic cigarettes. NOTHING you inhale besides clean air is good for you.

If you are a smoker though, we understand that we did not start smoking because it was “good” for us.

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  1. Wow tabacco has to have fire and a clean cig doesn’t and doesn’t contain all the chemicals this is so wrong

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