Aaron’s Corner: Preppers

CleanCigaretteLogo(13Tonight Randi and I are spending some time with the family and going down to DTE to see a concert. One of my top five bands of all time who always put on an amazing performance will be there, Slipknot. We try to go see them every chance we get and every time we do we always have a really good time. This year will be no different, some of the things you could expect to see at a Slipknot concert is people dressed up in crazy costumes, the drunk guy who thinks he’s your best friend, parents with their kids at their first rock concert, and some things I can’t even explain (crazy shit).

You are free to smoke and vape alike, because of course your outdoors, but this venue is typically a non re entry event.  Which ended up biting me in the ass. Years back when I still smoked, after running out of my pack of cigarettes . Typically a pack of cigarettes would last me a whole day ,but when your out having a good time they normally go a lot faster.

Not even half way through the show I’m completely out, six more hours to go there’s no way I can make it. Five seconds after smoking my last cigarette I’m already freaking out, as I walk from vendor to vendor looking to see if anyone is selling cigarettes I see out of the corner of my eye a guy selling a pack of smokes.  I quickly shuffle over there and ask if I could buy a pack.  He says of course no problem it’ll be $15…what the hell but of course I bought them.

Now that I smoke A Clean Cigarette not only will I be saving money, but it will be so much easier to prepare myself and pack up a couple filters, batteries, my V1 portable charger, and of course our power rocks portable charger for our phones.  Not being a burning tobacco smoker is amazing and I’m very thankful, but for nights like tonight preparation is key. CAry an extra battery and extra cartridges.  Five years ago I paid the price, but I was happy to do so and to tell ya the truth I probably would have paid 20 bucks.

I am glad those days are gone….Thank you A Clean Cigarette!Aaron



Disclamier: Aaron is a paid employee of A Clean Cigarette.   Electronic cigarettes are not “good” for you! Nicotine is highly addictive! Nothing you put into your lungs besides clean air is “good” for you. Non-smokers and people under 18 years of age should never purchase an electronic cigarette!!

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