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CleanCigaretteLogo(13Hello all it’s Dawn here your A Clean Cigarette blogger.  One of the many things that I do here at A Clean Cigarette is search the internet on a regular basis in an effort to find all the information on electronic cigarette and bring that information to a place where all of our customers and team members can find it. Typically I find a subject and do a little write up on it. Quoting articles and press releases as well as bringing studies and reviews to the forefront.  I love this and I really hope that it is useful to you. Well today as I was search a thought occurred to me.

Not every interesting article and release I find has enough content or information for a full A Clean Cigarette blog BUT that does not mean that the information they contain is not useful or interesting. In fact there are a number of really great articles out there that I think many people would want to read….if they knew they existed. So today I am going to share with you a handful of links that will lead to really interesting and hopefully helpful articles.

Read the ones that you find interesting and please feel free to leave feedback. It helps me to know what information YOU find the most useful. You can either leave a comment here at the bottom of the blog or just drop me an email at

Please keep in mind that these news articles are in no way endorsed by A Clean Cigarette. That being said, I have tried to look only for reputable names and sources. Like anything you hear or read please do your homework before making assumptions!

Alright on to the good stuff:

This first link is one that I found very interesting. This Press release by Scientific America was issued a whopping 7 hours before I started this blog. So with it being “fresh of the presses” it makes the list in the 1st spot.

“They’re Far from Harmless, but E-Cigarettes Can Get People off Tobacco”

This one is my personal favorite. Great source and great info!

“FDA should not assume a “continuum of risk” until there is proof that it exists for ecigs as they are actually used”


This next one comes from a name you may recognize: “Bloomberg” They have an interesting look into e-cigarettes that I found repetitively easy to read.

E-Cigarettes May Help More Than They Hurt

This Blog article is a great one that really helps people see how much of an impact electronic cigarettes are having on the EU and the world as a whole. Take a look.

New Study Finds Electronic Cigarettes Helped 15 Million Quit Smoking

Here is one from another very well known name, The Rolling Stone. Yep even this iconic news source has something to say in regards to electronic cigarettes. Take a look at this article to see what they think on the matter.

“E-Cigs’ Inconvenient Truth: It’s Much Safer to Vape”

This is one that is very much worth the read.

“Senator seeks answers from FDA on e-cigarette regulations”


Even Forbes Magazine has a few words for the FDA when it comes to their resent deeming of electronic cigarettes as well as their misinformation passing. Just take a look for yourself, its a darn good read.

“The FDA’s Deadly Censorship Of Lifesaving E-Cigarette Information”

The last one I will share here is an older one but so good and to the point. If you do not read any of the others, consider looking at this one. It’s worth your time for sure.

“Headlines about e-cigarettes don’t mean they’re ‘not safer than tobacco”


Again this is only a handful of the articles available on the net. If you find one that you think we should know about, please drop us a line. We can not do this with out the amazing support of people like you and YOU are very appreciated!



One thought on “All this information, one location. Staying informed made easy.”

  1. The article about Senator Ron Johnson,R-Wisconson was my favorite.Second was “New study finds electronic cigarettes helped 15 million quit smoking “. Great job Dawn! Thanks for bringing these articles to the public, all in one place.

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