Aaron’s Corner: Technology has come so far.



Today I came home to a package on the front porch, and everyone knows how excited any adult gets when you have an unexpected package at the door. I grabbed the package, took it in the house and like a kid on Christmas morning I quickly opened it up to see a Samsung VR. Of course I didn’t expect it to be that since I’m always ordering parts for my rc trucks, but the virtual reality sounds pretty sweet too. At that moment I realize I can’t even open this until Randi gets home since I have no idea how to set this thing up so now I have to sit here and wait for her to get home..shit!

Randi finally gets home and she is as excited as me, and sets the VR up right away. Of course I have to be the first to try this thing out, even though Randi has used this before and wants to show me how to use it. I tell her I’ll figure it out, how hard can it be right?

I put the headset on and of course Randi tells me to sit down but I’ll be fine. I decide to play this game called Dreadhall which is a virtual reality game. I’m already stumbling all over the house this is probably why Randi told me to sit down, and at that very moment this zombie jumps out and grabs onto me.  Of course I react reaching out to defend myself hitting the wall and running into the table stubbing my toe.  I rip off the headset a little frustrated, as I take the headphones out I hear everyone laughing at me.  It’s pretty cool how far technology has came. Aaron

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          I hope you all have a safe and Happy Fourth of July!


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