Aaron’s Corner; What if they were still here?


What if they were still here?

Who are they? They are the ones that we’ve lost…in the past 25 years over 100 million people around the world and in the state of Michigan alone about 400,000 people have passed due to smoking related deaths. The chances that you know one of them are likely.

Now stop and imagine…what if they were still here?

Over the past six years working for A Clean Cigarette, I can’t help but feel like we are saving people’s lives. Now I know we cannot market this message and I know it is a strong statement to say, but I have watched so many people succeed at what only seven years ago seemed impossible.

I can’t help but wonder what if A Clean Cigarette was around.  Would my dad still be alive? Would he no longer be a statistic? I find my imagination running wild creating memories that do not exist. I see a man holding my daughter, but I can’t see his face, I can’t hear his voice, I don’t remember my dad, and what I do keeps fading further and further away.  My dad was just a dad, but he could of been a grandfather, instead of another statistic, dead too soon from burning tobacco.

This is what drives me; I think about a child that I will never meet. One who won’t have to make up memories twenty years from now of faces that he can’t see, voices that he can’t hear or memories he never had the chance to make. I do not want that child’s dad to be a statistic. So now you can understand why I feel like we are saving lives, whether we can say it or not. Right now the federal government is trying to regulate e-cigs in a way to create more voices that we can’t hear, more faces that we can’t see, and ultimately more statistics.

Please write to your local congressmen by clicking HERE. Let them know what electronic cigarettes mean to you and your families. Tell them that we are not statistics to be bought and sold by big government and big corporation. Tell them your stories. Help this industry save another child from losing what is most important to them…You!Aaron



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