Well this should be fun! Steve Driver from 95.1 Nash FM is making the switch!

CleanCigaretteLogo(13Hello all, Dawn here and I am super happy to announce the next project for the A Clean Cigarette team. If you visit this blog often then you may remember an announcement we made here not to long ago about the video’s we have been making and intend to make. If you visit our FB page or YouTube Channel then you may have seen some of them. I have to say it has been a lot of fun, and we are not even close to done. This next idea is a big one and we are really excited about it.

Let’s start at the beginning though….

One day a really great guy I know named John Sheick who works for Cumulus Media; told me about an on air personality on 95.1 Nash FM, one of Cumulus Media’s stations out of Flint, Mi. He then says he has a month long promotion idea for me.

Well of course he did …that’s his job right?…..

Well ya, but it’s a good thing John is so good at his job! This on-air personality is a perfect match for us. His name is Steve Driver, he has a Sunday noon to 5pm talk show and he is a 20+ year smoker who has tried quitting, but never tried making the switch!

Ahhh the light bulb turns on!….

We are always talking about the switch and our customers swear by it, but what if we did a money where our mouth is challenge. An on-air demonstration of what we are talking about? No strings attached, honest and real. What if we lay it on the line in a very public way?

Do we dare?….

Oh you bet we do! As a matter of fact we are thinking of up-ing the ante a bit. So we asked Steve if he would mind doing a lot of it on film. If we are going to put it on-air, why not on-line? So that is just what we are going to do. Our team of ex-burning tobacco smokers are going to guide Steve while he makes the switch and we are going to do it on film for all to see. Each time Steve comes into the store we will get his real thoughts and questions on film. Talk about risking it all.

Are we serious? 

We sure are, and we started today!  Having the opportunity to be a part of this is intensely amazing. Meeting Steve today and watching as Aaron our Customer Care Specialist, who many of you may know from the Bay City A Clean Cigarette Store, demonstrate the product  and help Steve get matched up to the right level of nicotine and taste was spectacular. Just having the opportunity to be involved as he makes the switch for some of the same reasons that I myself did, and knowing this time he really will be able to get away from burning tobacco, is the single biggest reason I fight so hard for this company and industry. Not only are we not afraid of this challenge, we welcome it.

Want a sneak peek?……

Okay 😉

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Well that’s it for today’s blog post. Please let us know your thoughts on this idea. We would also love to hear some words of encouragement for Mr. Steve Driver. Let’s show him what an amazing community we have here at A Clean Cigarette. Feel free to comment here, drop me a line at AccAnswers@gmail.com or visit our FB Page to leave a comment. You can also visit www.acleancigarette.com to leave a comment or learn more about the A Clean Cigarette brand of cig-a-like, electronic cigarettes. We love to hear from you and we know Steve will appreciate the support!



4 thoughts on “Well this should be fun! Steve Driver from 95.1 Nash FM is making the switch!”

  1. Thank you for the words of encouragement, it is much appreciated. It hasn’t been easy for me. It’s funny, I always thought I had better control of my smoking habit until I tried to stop burning it…not as easy as I thought. But with a strong resolve and amazing people like Dawn and Aaron, I am far from giving up and I’m still on the road to a better, cleaner, no tobacco burning, ME!! Thanks again for all the support!!

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