Why should non-smokers care about whats going on with the FDA and electronic cigarettes?

CleanCigaretteLogo(13Hello! Dawn here your A Clean Cigarette blogger. First let me say thank you for coming to check out this blog. Each like, each click and each view is incredibly valuable and you are very appreciated, so thank you.

Alright now on to this weeks topic. As most of you may know this week has been very busy for the A  Clean Cigarette family. With the FDA’s recent release deeming all electronic cigarette products as tobacco there has been a lot going on.

One of the most important things we at A Clean Cigarette are doing is getting the community involved by announcing a call to action. We need, and I mean need every person that can to call or e-mail congress in an effort to get them to pass the Grand Father Date part of the Agriculture Appropriations Bill. By moving the date, most of the cost will be prevented while still keeping the common sense regulations in tact. (Ie. prohibit sales to minors and require warning labels about nicotine on the packages.) Since the cost for a company our size can reach upwards of 50 million dollars to keep our doors open, it is pretty easy to see why this is priority for us.

We have not only posted calls to action on this blog and other social media sites, we have also began spreading the word through other venues as opportunities arise to do so. One such opportunity was a on-air conversation on Talk Radio 1090’s “Talk of Muskegon” Show. (Which is available on iHeartradio.com)

Want to contact congress? Just click the picture and enter your Zip to get a direct link!
Want to contact congress? Just click the picture and enter your Zip to get a direct link!

The fact that they invited us on-air and gave us a forum to call the community to action is amazing. The conversation was spectacular. That being said, I was the A Clean Cigarette team member that ended up going on air and I have to tell you, boy was I nervous! Straight out scared to be clear! They were so great at their jobs I should not have been. The experience was wonderful. We talked about the new FDA deeming and about contacting Congress; we also covered a small variety of other electronic cigarette topics. At one point though I was asked a very direct question.

“Why should the non-smokers in the community care about what the FDA is doing in regards to electronic cigarettes?” Hmm this one made me pause. Why should they care? I mean if you don’t smoke, then these regulations have very little chance to effect you right?

It’s a very fair question and although it made me pause, the answer I gave was as is directly from my heart. Here is the reason that I think EVERYONE should care about the electronic cigarette industry: (stated slightly different but the same heart felt message.)

If not for the one billion lives this century,

or 6 million lives worldwide this year,

or even the 500,000 people in the US alone,

then at least for 1 that you know and maybe even love.

Nearly every person alive has lost, is losing or will lose, a loved one to a burning tobacco related cause.

Now the truth is electronic cigarettes are not good for you. Nothing you inhale besides clean air is. But for the burning tobacco smokers of the world, e-cigarettes are the only realistic alternative to the most deadly consumer product on earth. Ever. Quitting nicotine all together is their best bet, but if that were always possible than we would not see people hooked to an oxygen machine, or walking around with a hole in their throat, all while still puffing on burning tobacco. Just having an addiction to nicotine should not be a death sentence. Smokers deserve options, smokers deserve a clean cigarette.

Thank you so much for stopping by today, and if you are a smoker and quitting is not an option, then consider switching. It’s time to update to the 21st century’s nicotine delivery. You have options. Visit acleancigarette.com for more details.






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