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CleanCigaretteLogo(13Hello! Dawn here again. Each week I try to pick topics that are relevant to the conversations, testimonies and comments that come in from all of our amazing customers. We believe that our customers deserve to know the facts and truths surrounding the electronic cigarette industry and products. We believe this not because we are saints, or pure of heart, but because we are the customers too. Every team member here uses A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarette daily. We want to know. If we want to know this information, it just seems like common sense to us that other customers want this information as well. Right?

This brings me to today’s topic. Recently I have read and heard a lot about e-cigarettes causing extreme dry throat and even cases of a dry nose.  Well as a long-term electronic cigarette user myself I wanted to know more about it. We have known for some time that electronic cigarettes cause a drying out of the mouth and throat, you may have even seen our blog posts about the side effects of A Clean Cigarette electronic cigarette published on July 13th 2015. You can find it by clicking HERE if you have not had a chance to see it yet.  In that post, one of the very early side effects that we noticed was a drying of the throat and mouth. But why is that?

Let’s take a look

The cause: Propylene Glycol (PG).

The why:

Okay, while reading up on the way I found out something that we need to look at first. Remember that when an A Clean Cigarette customer 1st comes to us they are always smokers. That means they are switching from one inhaled product to another completely different inhaled product. With this in mind, we need to look at what tobacco does to the mouth as far as saliva goes to really understand why it seems like such a noticeable difference for e-cig users, especially newer e-cig users.

When you smoke cigarettes the small amounts of nicotine and tar that you inhale work to increase the amount of saliva and phlegm that you produce. The why is simple: your body is trying to protect your delicate epithelial cells from not only the heat but the absurd amount of toxins found in burning tobacco. This process means that your mouth stays rather moist while smoking. So although your mouth stays moist, the fact is, that the damage that moisture is trying to protect you from can be tied to throat and mouth cancer as well as a wide variety of other smoking-related health issues. Here are a few sources that explain this in more detail:


Okay now back to PG….

PG is found in a ton of places, one of the things that it does is prevent the crystallization and hardening of sweet products such as brownies and muffins. Much in the same way when we inhale PG into our mouths the PG attempts to round up all the moisture found there. which creates a dry feeling.  Our mouths do not appear to be stressed out and so our saliva glands do not start producing extra saliva to protect our bodies and our delicate cells.

Another unfortunate truth about tobacco is they add things to the cigarette to make it less harsh. Meaning if we tried to smoke these chemical filled toxic burning sticks without these chemicals, our mouths and throats would be much more affected. But keeping the profits moving has always been a top priority for tobacco companies, so when they realized how harsh the throat hit was, they used more chemicals to trick our bodies. This way consumers could smoke more which means buying more, which of course means more $$ for big tobacco. The image below shows a few of these additives and is courtesy of Smoke-Free America, a government-funded information source.

Additives in Tobacco

Again with A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes, we do not add these chemicals and additives. We have no reason to create a product that needs to be heavily added to, to make it usable. Common sense tells us that adding ingredients will not make electronic cigarettes safer. The additives may mask a side effect, but not stop the cause. We are not about masking things, we are about being exactly what we say we are, a tobacco-free nicotine delivery alternative. One with nearly 600 less ingredients and that produces around 4000+ less chemicals when inhaled.

Alright now that we know the why’s, what can we do about it?

Alright now we know the whys, and we also know that when compared to burning tobacco and it’s side effects this issue is rather small, but, it is still an issue. What can be done?

The good new: Unlike tobacco; whose side effects require lung transplants, holes placed in the esophagus and other very unpleasant “fixes”. With A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes, all you need to do is hydrate. That’s right. The easy way to combat the dry throat brought on by electronic cigarettes is an extra glass or two of water. Dont forget to hydrate

We all need to up our water intake anyway, that’s just a fact, now we have another reason to do so. So the next time you get that dry itchy feeling while puffing on your A Clean Cigarette electronic cigarette, grab a glass of H2O and stress not. You have made the switch and you are getting healthier. Not because you smoke A Clean Cigarettes, but because you DON’T smoke burning tobacco anymore. That stuff will kill you.

Keep in mind burning tobacco is the ONLY consumer product that when used as directed will kill you.  There simply is no side effect worse than death.

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