Keep the rituals. Electronic cigarettes vs. burning tobacco.

CleanCigaretteLogo(13Hello out there. 🙂  It’s another A Clean Cigarette blog and I am Dawn, bringing it to you straight. In today’s world it seems like everything is always moving at the speed of light.  Messages and e-mails are delivered nearly instantly and the only snail mail we get is junk mail or bills. Everything is computer aided, animated, or powered. There is rarely time to slow down and enjoy all of the hard work we put in to this life; let alone to smell any roses.

As a smoker I remember taking cigarette breaks just to slow down a touch. I actually miss and enjoyed the 10 minute periodic breaks in life that inherently comes from smoking. I mean I don’t miss them enough to go back to my inhalers and nebulizer breathing treatments or to stink the way I used too all the time as a smoker; but, I do have a nostalgic thought about them from time to time.

Why am I taking a stroll through smoker’s memory lane today? Well based on a few conversations with amazing A Clean Cigarette customers that I have recently had; I feel it is important that I touch on a particular subject.

Keep the rituals!!

Let me start by saying one of the best things about A Clean Cigarette is that is designed to look feel and draw like a cigarette. That is why it is called a Cig-a-like, electronic nicotine delivery device.  We believe that using an alternative nicotine delivery system that mimics the rituals of traditional smoking, will help make our product an effective and truly useful alternative. We are not alone in our thoughts either. This scientific systematic review found here at this .gov site, , clearly sees things the same way we do.

Rituals of smoking

ritu of smoking


So like I said, recently I started missing my little breaks, so I am taking back my ritual. Only instead of smoke breaks, I am taking me breaks. When I want to, NOT when my habit tells me to. I no longer have to shiver in the cold for a break, I can enjoy my 10 minutes simply … smelling the roses, or enjoying life.  Inside OR outside. 

I may find myself near smokers on their break, visiting laughing, but now I am there because I want to be. Not because I am having a nic fit or because I need to light up. It will be, just because. The fact that they are smoking won’t bother me, I am getting my nicotine just fine. I have decided that I want to keep this ritual, and I can. 

I kept my hand to mouth ritual.

I kept my puff of smoke ritual.

I kept my bold tobacco flavor.

I kept the throat hit.

I maintained my daily intake. I smoked a pack and a half before, I smoke one full cartridge a day now.

And I am keeping my breaks.

The only things being given up are the nearly 600 additional ingredients, tar and carbon monoxide that comes with a burning cigarette. Not to mention the stink, loss of smell and taste associated with smoking tobacco.

That is important. You need to know that you can keep your rituals. Making the switch is just upgrading delivery methods. Switching is not about what you lose, but about what you win. You win the right to take your breaks when you want. You win the choice to break away from big tobacco’s hold on you, and big tobacco’s cost. Cash cost as well as the health cost. You gain the freedom that comes with getting nicotine out of an electronic device vs. burning tobacco.

Keeping the rituals is an important part of making the switch and we want you to keep any of the rituals that you want to. Keeping these rituals will help take the fear out of putting the burning tobacco down. You have nothing worth keeping to lose.

Change can be scary, but the only thing scarier is regret.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today. I hope that you find these blogs useful and informative. Feel free to drop me a line to with any questions or thoughts. If you are interested in the A Clean Cigarette brand of electronic cigarettes visit our website at Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to stop and smell the roses!!




2 thoughts on “Keep the rituals. Electronic cigarettes vs. burning tobacco.”

  1. One ritual you can break is no more saying “Wait ’till I finish my cigarette.” No more procrastinating
    Git ‘er done. lol

  2. I tell people all of the time that is just so much easier if you follow your routine with a clean cigarette, the advantage is no stink, no tar!

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