We are coming to you! A Clean Cigarette takes a road trip.


Hello! Dawn here again today, just chatting about A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes and everything cig-a-like related. This weekend I had the amazing blessing to work the Shipshewana on the Road event in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  There were so many amazing moments and great connections made at this event.

Every event I work brings it’s own adventures and stories but this weeks event in Kalamazoo was so inspiring to me. Now, typically here at A Clean Cigarette we do not plan to be at events as far from our store locations as Kalamazoo. In fact, this is the very first event we have done this far out. The reception was spectacular! So many new faces and so many switches! And what was one of the best parts? I mean other than the fact that lives were changed?  How many of those lives had already found electronic cigarettes BEFORE we even introduced ourselves!

Many of you may know that we at A Clean Cigarette take in other brands of electronic cigarettes on trade for new customers. We have always understood that people invest to start up with any brand of electronic cigarette to some degree. We want new customers to not feel like they have to stick with another, inferior brand because of start up cost. Well at the Kalamazoo event that was a HUGE hit. We took in a bunch of cig-a-like competitor products as well as a couple tank models. That means there were a bunch of people who WANTED to switch to an electronic cigarette alternative for smoking, they just had not found a brand that really tasted and hit like a traditional cigarette.

Thanks to our free puffs station that let’s them try our product before you buy it they were able to compare apples to apples and really see and taste the difference. I am proud to say that 17 people in 2 days tried the A Clean Cigarette product and made the switch! That’s amazing for an area that is so far from our stores. Before the event hey had never even heard of us. Now they are a part of the A Clean Cigarette family.

The only thing that is more satisfying then watching a new customer realize that they don’t have to give up the habit part of their addiction, but can still have good alternatives to their nicotine delivery; is getting to watch an existing customer step down to 0 nicotine!Doing events like this one is one of the best parts of my job. Meeting with you in your own back yard and having the chance to really connect and share in your stories. It just does not get better than that. If you would like to see us come to your area, give us a shout out! Drop me a line at AccAnswers@ gmail.com OR leave me a message on our A Clean Cigarette Face Book page. You can find a link to it along the side of this page. As of now we will be in Birch Run Michigan on March 5th and 6th for the Shipshewana on the Road show. I hope a few of you will consider stopping out to see me! Thank you so much for reading this blog and i hope to see you again!





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  1. There are so many people in that area that are not aware of A Clean Cigarette.The number of people that made the switch is fantastic! It Really Works!

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