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Hey everyone, it’s Dawn here. Today and as far as topics go I think today we should just chat. Some of my earlier post gave me opportunities to chat with you, but with all the recent industry news we have been very busy keeping up to date. Today though it’s all about the small talk.

What do I mean by small talk, you may ask? Simply put, I think that it’s important to really understand the A Clean Cigarette story and why we do what we do. What makes us different and why do we want to be different.

What makes us different:

  • We have no interest in being cool. Here at A Clean Cigarette we do not have fancy looking devices or a huge selection of child like flavors. We don’t have a ton of accessories or mod parts to sell. We also don’t carry trendy or interesting units that look more like toys than an adult nicotine delivery device. What we DO have is the closest thing to a burning cigarette that you can get in the electronic cigarette. We also have a variety of tobacco flavors so we can match your cigarette as close as possible. We have the look, the feel, the taste and the throat hit of a traditional burning tobacco cigarettes, just with out the 600 ingredients, 4000 chemicals and tar found in them.
  • We only sell One product and One brand. Unlike the large vape stores we do not have a ton of different brands and devices to sell. That means we know A LOT about one thing. Product mastery is our goal and the goal of every team member. If you have questions, we have answers.
  • We do not believe that one size fits all. Unlike the convenience or gas station products we do not expect customers to walk in knowing what they will need. Not everyone smokes the same brand, flavor and nicotine level in cigarette so why would we all smoke the same level e-cigarette? At A Clean Cigarette you get to try it before you buy it in any of our store locations. With our “Free Puff” you come in and get 1 on 1 personal service while you try our product until you are satisfied by every draw off of your A Clean Cigarette.

Who are we:



  • We are customers first. When Cary Lee, our founder, started the first A Clean Cigarette kiosk in the Bay City Michigan mall he knew one thing for sure. If you are going to sell tomorrows cigarette you had better understand today’s smokers. What’s the best way to understand smokers? Hire them. So that is what he did. First, he helped them make the switch. Then he put their amazing stories of success right on the front lines. Who better to help you make the switch then someone who has already done it, and succeeded?  When you come into A Clean Cigarette you are being helped by someone who was literally in the same spot you are, not that long ago. We understand.
  • We are your neighbors. A Clean Cigarette is a Michigan based company and we employ around 60 Michigan families. Our local “mom and pop” environment is a huge part of the A Clean Cigarette culture. The people who join our team are regular everyday people. Regular people that found passion when they found an alternative to burning tobacco. We have come from all walks of life to join the team, from registered nurses to Walmart greeters we have been blessed with an incredible team with a wide variety of incredible skills.

Why do we, do what we do:

I think the first thing to keep in mind is we know that there are larger profits to be made in the cool, trendy end of the market. Of coarse when you are selling a product that is called gummy bear and is smoked through a large bionic looking device there are going to be huge amounts young non-smokers who what to try it out. It’s cool, it’s slightly taboo, and it taste great. While we have no problem with those devices and we are alright with those business plans, they are just not for us. (And just to be clear. Yes, some adults use those products to switch off of tobacco. If that is what works for you, and you are someone that enjoys putting the parts together and measuring then filling a tank with liquid nicotine solutions, then go for it. We are routing for you to be tobacco free. If however you want a simple cig-a-like product to be an alternative to your current cigarette so you can get your nicotine with out having to change much of anything, except maybe brands, then we are what you are really looking for.)

We did not get into this industry because we though this technology would create the next big thing. No, we just wanted an alternative option for an old out dated thing. We all smoked burning tobacco and most of us liked it. Giving up on something I like is hard to do, even if it is killing me. (Sad but true fact.)

We became excited and passionate because we are not giving up anything. Well nothing we are not willing to give up. Keep the throat hit, the hand to mouth, the taste, the nicotine…..ditch nearly 600 ingredients, 4000 chemicals, tar and the stink. Seemed like a win / win to us. This excitement is what we have based our business plan on. We don’t need trendy, we need options. That’s what you get when you hire the customers, a really good insight on what customers want.

Anything else you should know about us?We want to hear from you

We want you to have answers to what ever questions you may have. We only hire customers, and we want to hear from customers. How can we always strive to give what our customers need if we are not always listening to what they say? With that in mind please if you have any questions, thoughts, or comments drop me a line at AccAnswers@gmail.com. I try to always answer in a timely matter and if I do not know the answer to your question, I will always do my best to find out. Check out our Website at acleancigarette.com to see our lab analysis and other helpful information. We also have a great search bar on the top of this page. Just type in any electronic cigarette related key word and blog post that are relevant to your needs should come up. If they don’t PLEASE let me know. I will get that topic added ASAP! Thank you so much for stopping in today! See you soon I hope!





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