Extra! Extra! It’s about to happen again! A Clean Cigarette presents the second edition of our electronic cigarette Magazine!

Hey every one! Dawn here, and we are pretty excited to announce the upcoming release of the next edition of our magazine! If you had the chance to see our last magazine, then you know that we pack these things full of useful information.  This edition is even more jammed packed then our 1st addition; and we are super excited to share it with everyone!

Because you read the A Clean Cigarette Blog though, you’r gonna get a small sneak peek! Here is what you can expect from this edition of the A Clean Cigarette Magazine!

The Cover:

Magazine cover 2016


You will find evidence based research on electronic cigarettes. Get the truth and the facts from a place you can trust!


mag phe 2016


You will also get to learn a bit about the A Clean Cigarette Team.

Mag team photo

Also included is other important information about the difference between burning tobacco and electronic cigarettes. Some differences are medical, some like this fire photo, are logical.

Mag Fire

We could not have a second edition of this magazine with out some updates, so we will again hear from our very own American Hero Ron Mann and cage fight champion. Learn what this amazing man has been up to since the 1st edition!

Mag Ronn Mann

But the most important thing you will see in our magazine?

Mag testemony 2016

 Customer Testimonies! Of course!!

Well that’s the sneak peek, but it barely scratches the surface of this edition of the A Clean Cigarette Magazine. They should be available in stores by Tuesday of next week. They are free and very informative. Plus if you have a loved one or family member who does not like you using electronic cigarettes, this magazine may be exactly what they need to see to help inform them about the truth regarding the electronic cigarette revolution.

If you have any questions, drop me a line at AccAnswer@gmail.com. I would love to help you! Thank you so much for your time today! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



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