Being FDA regulated will mean that the electronic cigarette industry will be safe, right?

CleanCigaretteLogo(13Hey there, Dawn here and today we are going to chat about something I think needs a bit more attention. Recently I did a post on a new electronic cigarette regulation that cleared Congress. that is actually a bit of good news for an industry that is completely unregulated as of now. Around that same time we did a customer poll (If you have not had a chance to fill it out CLICK HERE, we would REALLY appreciate hearing from you!) I asked a particular question in there, check it out ⇓ : (Feel free to vote here too!)

Not surprising, a number of participants said that the lack of FDA approval makes them un-sure about electronic cigarettes. Well, I would totally understand this IF when the FDA approved and regulated consumer goods it meant that those goods were safe. Right? I mean the only reason to WANT the the FDA to regulate products, is that we want some type of reassurance that we are not putting ourselves and our family in danger when buying household goods, right?

Today I am going to test this theory. I think we need to look at some FDA approved or regulated items that we use on a regular basis and see just how “safe” being regulated by the FDA means that they are.

Cosmetics: FDA Regulated and Require to comply with the FD&C Act (Food Drug and Cosmetic)

  • Nail Polish = High levels of a flame retardant called triphenyl phosphate, a chemical that is directly linked to reproductive health issues. It gets worse too! According to a news article about a resent study done, every woman who applied nail polish with that chemical tested as having high levels of it in their bodies. So it is getting absorbed through the nail and nail bed into the blood stream. (Click Here to read that article.)
  • Lipstick = Lead. Yep that’s right, your favorite lip stick may have high levels of lead in it. Lead is known to cause learning disabilities as well as digestive issue and other health problems. According to THIS news report by the Washington Post, the FDA reported finding lead in various levels in over 400 different lipsticks. The levels varied and not all of the lipsticks tested over the limit considered safe. Of course that same article explains that not all experts agree on what levels are “safe”.

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    Pay attention to what is in your beauty products. Just being regulated by the FDA does not make it good for you.
  • Foundation = Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives; DMDM hydantoin, diazolidinyl urea, imidazolidinyl urea, methenamine and quarternium-15. Sorry about all that alphabet soup up there! These chemicals slowly release small amounts of formaldehyde, which causes cancer. They are not only found in foundations, but in many other beauty products.
  • Shaving Cream = Triethanolamine. This little gem is linked to all types of cancers like kidney and liver. It is also a fairly sever respiratory irritant. Good stuff here…It has also caused mutation in the testicles of animals that it’s been tested on. huh, not sure if that sounds very “safe”, at least not my definition of “safe”.


Okay, all that stuff is scary, but that’s cosmetics right? It’s not like food or something that is going inside us directly through ingestion or inhalation right?  Not so fast. Let’s take a look at a few common food ingredients and whats in those.

Found in: Bacon Bits, Straw Berry Milk Mix and a lot of other foods

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Many of the food we eat every day have ingredients in them that are known to be bad for us. The FDA regulates these items for our safety; but it is up to us as consumers to know about the products we put into our bodies.

Red Dye #3 = This is rough, so rough in fact that the FDA banned it from all cosmetics way back in 1990! Yet, it is still allowed in food. So what’s so bad about it? Well the main reason they stopped it’s use in cosmetics is its tendency to cause cancer. There has been an active debate about this for 20 years. Read more at Food Babes blog HERE. Also I like to check things out when I read about them and I found out the FDA’a Website HERE. You can learn about this dye and all the other dyes in our food and medicine. This is not the only scary one.

Found in: Fat Free Chips, Fries and other Fat Free Snacks

Olestra = This one offers the consumer not only cramps, but anal leakage as well. Yep you heard me, I said anal leakage. Er, this does not sound safe. Oh and side note; this stuff is BANNED in the UK. I think that we can see why.

Found in: Buns, Flat Breads, Rolls and other Bread Products.

Potassium bromate= This one has some real teeth to it. Not only is it hard to read, it’s also linked to kidney damage, cancer and nervous system issues. Why is it in our food? To shorten baking time for manufacturers. oh and this one is banned in China, Canada and Europe. 

Found in: Cereal, Meat, Nuts, Gum and a lot of other foods

BHA & BHT= Banned in the UK, Japan and a whole list of additional countries, this one is linked to major tumor issues in rats. Turn over almost everything in your kitchen and you may find this in it.

I could go on and on with these list, but this is an e-cigarette blog and I am pretty sure you are getting my point. Yes, regulations are a good thing, but even when this industry is regulated it’s up to YOU to know what’s in anything you put into your body. Here at A Clean Cigarette we know, and we want you to know. Click Here to find a lab analysis of our product from 2011 and come on into the store for our 2014 analysis. (We will be getting it on line soon.)

Every team member of A Clean Cigarette started as a customer 1st. We use this product everyday. What’s in it is important to us too. It did not take FDA regulations to make us want to know more
either. We know that nothing we inhale besides clean air is “good” for us. I was not smoking clean air to get my nicotine. I was puffing on the end of a burning tobacco cigarette. That means by switching to A Clean Cigarette I took nearly 600 ingredients, over 4000 chemicals and tar out of my nicotine delivery product. Keep the nicotine. Ditch the rest of that stuff. Cigarettes kill around 500K people per year. Although, it is FDA regulated, so that’s something right?

When you do make the switch, if you have not already, do it what-do-you-thinkwith a name that is known and trusted. Not some big tobacco owned, one-size fits all  product. Plus with our cig-a-like electronic cigarettes we offer “Free Puffs” at all of our stores. You can try it before you buy it! We want to earn your trust too! Let us know what questions you have and we will do our best to answer you. If we do not know the answer we will find out the answer.

If you do have any questions drop me a line at and for more information on A Clean Cigarette check out our website at

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today. Every reader, every share, every comment and every like really means a lot to myself and the whole A Clean Cigarette Family. Have a great day!



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  1. So glad you addressed this issue.There are SO many things that are in our everyday foods and cosmetics that are truly harmful and yet the regulatory commissions still allow them.I’m a label reader and did my research on A Clean Cigarette.It’s nice to know that a company really does care about what goes in their product.

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