Question: How can I get the best “puff” life out of my A Clean Cigarette disposable cartridges? Answer:



Hey everyone! It’s Dawn here and today we are going to answer a question that we hear all the time in our 19 Michigan store locations.

Q: How do I get the best puff life out of an A Clean Cigarette nicotine refill cartridge.

A: There are a few things you can do and I will break them down here, although if you still have questions after this write up there is a video at the bottom of the blog post. It is my hope that between the written help and the video help all questions regarding A Clean Cigarette brand refill questions will be answered. However, if after both the write up and video you still have questions just drop me a line at or stop into any of our store locations. The knowledgeable team members at each of our locations will be happy to help you in anyway they can!

Okay on to the write up.

The first thing you need to know is that an A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarette comes in two parts and utilizes a charger that is provided with every size starter kit. The two primary parts are the Nicotine Cartridge and the Battery.


A Clean Cigarette batteries are enclosed Lithium Ion Batteries that do not need modification in any way. Just charge em up, twist em on, and go. If you need help cleaning your battery stop into any store location. We suggest leaving an old cartridge on the end of your battery when not in use or on a charger to help prevent debris from getting into your battery. (These are not the only batteries we have at A Clean Cigarette, be sure to check out our online store to see all available options.)


The A Clean Cigarette refill cartridges are self contained. There is no need to add liquid to these disposable cartridges. We have a variety of Tobacco and Cigar flavors, and nicotine levels ranging from 0 Nicotine to 3.6 Nicotine. When used correctly the cartridge should last for between a pack and a pack and a half worth of “puffs”. Much like the battery, you just twist it on and go. Easy Peasy 🙂


Okay, now that we have the brushed up on the parts of your electronic cigarette, lets talk about the way to make these devices last as long as they possibly can for you.

Tip #1: Slow soft puffs, about 3-4 seconds each. (Kinda like sucking a frosty through a straw.)That’s right, the difference between getting a pack vs a pack and a half can be as simple as how you puff on it. Inside each cartridge is a small heating coil. Much like the heating unit on a typical toaster it heats up to a bright glowing red to vaporize the nicotine fluid. So if you take short, strong hits you can surge the battery. Think of it like a fast burn vs a slow boil. If you do the fast burn approach and it burns the heating element up, the cartridge will always taste “burnt”, regardless of how much fluid is actually left in the cartridge. It reminds me of cooking red sauce on the stove. If you burn the bottom by heating it up too fast, the sauce just taste burnt and bad. If you simmer it on low heat and let the flavors release with out the burn. Viola you have great tasting red sauce.

Tip #2: Where you store your cartridges makes a huge difference! Heat is a major enemy to the life of your nicotine cartridges. When the nicotine fluid is heated it then evaporates. That is how it can produce vapor, with heat. So unintentional heat is going to loose some of that vapor via evaporation. Personally, I store my cartridges in the fridge, but pretty much the rule of thumb is it’s best to keep them stored at under 72 degrees.  If you store them right, you will get a much longer lasting and better tasting product.

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Tip #3: Don’t puff non-stop! When you smoked burning tobacco there was a definite start and end to each cigarette. That is not the case with an electronic cigarette.  There is a rule of thumb here as well, 3-5 hit’s equals a full cigarette. So when you need to get your nicotine fix, just hit your A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarette a few times and stop. You will feel content! If you are storing your cartridges right and taking proper puffs, but still feel your cartridges are not lasting, this is probably the issue.  One thing that customers report working for them is sticking to there daily habits. What I mean is that if you only smoked 2 cigarettes an hour, try to keep your puffs to between 8-12 an hour or if you don’t normally smoke at work, limit you e-cig intake while you are there.

Tip #4: Replace your battery when it gets old! Yes a bad working, old battery can cause your cartridges to burn up faster! We offer a 90 day guarantee on all A Clean Cigarette batteries. They however are only designed to last for around 5-7 months. Just like a cell phone or other lithium ion powered device, at some point the battery life between charges will get shorter and shorter in length. Be sure to replace old batteries before they start to effect the quality of your nicotine refill cartridges.

Well there you have it. The tips and tricks you need to get the best value and life from your A Clean Cigarette brand nicotine cartridge. Again, I hope this answers any questions you may have. Feel Free to look around at the rest of these post or visit to view our main webpage and on-line store! Below is a video that you may also find helpful. Have a great day and I hope you come back to visit this blog again! We appreciate you!





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