Tobacco Companies are at it again, so then why are they blaming the whole e-cigarette industry?



Hello everyone and hey there! It’s Dawn here again, and today I am going to go on a bit of a rant. Let me correct myself. Not a “bit” of a rant, this is a full out temper tantrum. If you have read some of my past blogs you may know that part of my job here at A Clean Cigarette is to search the web for anything e-cigarette related and then share what I find with my amazing readers, like you. 🙂 You can probably guess that means a ton of google searches and threading through news articles to find valid information in an effort to create good content. There are a ton of online tools that I use but one of my favorite tools to find information is Google Alerts. I just click in random things I want to keep my eye on and bam, Google e-mails me with any information that it sees as important. Creepy yet useful. Right?

Typically the information is the same old, same old type stuff. Things like one city or another passed an ordinance or some company is announcing a convention kind of announcements. Today however, the headline I was greeted with read like this:

“EXCLUSIVE: Electronic cigarette ads ‘explicitly’ target kids, NYC Controller Scott Stringer says in letter to FTC”

Comparing responsible electronic cigarette companies like A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes to big tobacco e-cig companies makes no sense. Regulating us like them also is not logical.

Alright if you have read my blog post on marketing to children (Found Here) then you know that we at A Clean Cigarette simply do not do it. You then also know that many reputable company’s do not market to children. You also know that there are companies that DO market to children and we think that is bull crap. So the question is if I already know that this happens, then why would this title make me so mad? Because if you look at the majority of the E-cigarette companies highlighted in that article you might notice that they are referring to brands such as Blu. Which is owned by Big Tobacco giant Lorillard. This is the same company that owns cigarette brands such as Newport.

Okay so here is the rant part……Of COURSE BIG TOBACCO IS DOING THE SAME THING THEY HAVE ALWAYS DONE!! That’s why as an industry we are trying so hard NOT to be regulated like them. They are NOT going to be honest and morally grounded, they never have been so why would they start now? It straight out makes me mad that instead of the media and government trying to help reputable companies like A Clean Cigarette stand up to the bull crap marketing and ethics pushed out by Big tobacco. Instead they tie the electronic cigarette industry in with big tobacco which is literally going to hand this new product and industry to the least trust worthy monopolies in the world. Big Tobacco.

All I am saying is that instead of headlines like this:


“E-cigarette ads model big tobacco ads of old”

Why not change it up to tell the truth, like this:

“Big Tobacco is at it again, this time with the help of Big Media”

Just saying.

Alright, there it is my rant in under 700 words. I am rather proud of myself for that since I typically drone on for around 1200 words. I really appreciate every reader of this blog and would like to ask a favor. Pass this rant along, please. If we are going to fight Big Tobacco from taking over and ruining a great industry we need to inform as many people as possible. A Clean Cigarette cannot do it alone, even with this awesome e-cig blog. Okay I may be bias but hey, what can I say? If you have any question please feel free to drop me a line at If you would like information on A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes check out our website at Thank you for stopping in and I hope to see you again!





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