An easy to read, quick guide: Public Health England. A Health organization speaks up on electronic cigarettes!


Hello Dawn again. I hope all of you are doing amazing! Today’s blog is going to be short and TO THE POINT on the recent  Public Health England (PHE) release regarding electronic cigarettes and their best uses. If you want a more detailed write up please visit HERE or HERE for posts I have done that brake down the release bit more thoroughly.

Okay the release came out as a 113 page document that started out with a great letter from the chief executive of PHE. Take a look: ⇓


The Document goes on to make some really important statements. I am just going to snip and paste and let them do the talking today. They did a great job of it all on their own!

In the very first section this document puts forth the “Key Messages” that they want to get out. I think that really says a lot so lets put the all here. ⇓ (The parts in Blue are things I really want you to focus on, but it’s all good stuff!)

1. Smokers who have tried other methods of quitting without success could be encouraged to try e-cigarettes (EC) to stop smoking and stop smoking services should support smokers using EC to quit by offering them behavioural support.

2. Encouraging smokers who cannot or do not want to stop smoking to switch to EC could help reduce smoking related disease, death and health inequalities.

3. There is no evidence that EC are undermining the long-term decline in cigarette smoking among adults and youth, and may in fact be contributing to it. Despite some experimentation with EC among never smokers, EC are attracting very few people who have never smoked into regular EC use.

4. Recent studies support the Cochrane Review findings that EC can help people to quit smoking and reduce their cigarette consumption. There is also evidence that EC can encourage quitting or cigarette consumption reduction even among those not intending to quit or rejecting other support. More research is needed in this area.

5. When used as intended, EC pose no risk of nicotine poisoning to users, but eliquids should be in ‘childproof’ packaging. The accuracy of nicotine content labelling currently raises no major concerns.

6. There has been an overall shift towards the inaccurate perception of EC being as harmful as cigarettes over the last year in contrast to the current expert estimate that using EC is around 95% safer than smoking. (This one says it all!)

7. Whilst protecting non-smoking children and ensuring the products on the market are as safe and effective as possible are clearly important goals, new regulations currently planned should also maximise the public health opportunities of EC.

8. Continued vigilance and research in this area are needed.

thank you PHE

That’s It that’s all. There is a ton of proof and studies stated in this document to support these statements but I will let you look it all over. The link to the public release is HERE. Take some time to look it over or visit the other post I have mentioned earlier. Before we go though take a look at just one more important quote from these guys. I think it’s one of the best ones.

“EC should not routinely be treated in the same way as smoking. It is not appropriate to prohibit EC use in health trusts and prisons as part of smokefree policies unless there is a strong rationale to do so.”

Thank you so much for stopping in and if you have any questions regarding this or any other electronic cigarette issue drop me a line at Thank you!



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